Live the Dash

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Live the DashThere was a priest leading a retreat for a group of women religious who took evening walks through the community’s cemetery. He noticed the simplicity of the gravestones, the faces of which held only engraved names and the years of birth and death. Between the two dates was a dash.

The director asked the sisters on retreat to reflect on the idea that the dash was the most important symbol on those gravestone inscriptions.

Embedded in those dashes are what those deceased sisters planted and uprooted, built up and tore down during their lives. Hidden in those dashes were the times they wept and laughed, mourned and embraced, fell silent or spoke out.

During the retreat, they discussed how each day of their lives they are making their own dashes, by planting, loving, laughing, forgiving, serving, healing…..

We can’t determine the date of our birth or the date of our death, but we are given many opportunities to do the right things while we live our dashes.

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