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Madhya Pradesh Isai Mahasangh Appeals to Commemorate Last Sunday of August as “Indian Christian Martyrs’ Day”

August 12, 2011 by  
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Archbishop Leo Cornelio, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Archbishop Leo Cornelio

Bhopal : Madhya Pradesh Isai Mahasangh (MPIMS),has appealed to all Christian community members to remember the Christian Martyrs on 28th August. Richard D’Silca , Media in-charge, said “It was a decision taken by the MPIM in a two days “Isai Mahasangam 2008”(Christian Lay Leaders Conference) held in Bhopal in October 2008. 

In 2010 the Archbishop of Bhopal, Dr. Leo Cornelio has supported the idea of organizing a prayer meeting and blood donation to commemorate the Indian Christian Martyrs.”

Madhya Pradesh Isai Mahasangh has asked all its district units to commemorate the Indian Christian Martyrs Day by organizing blood donation camps and prayers. It also expects people to take part in large numbers. In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, IMS is organizing the blood donation camp along with Red Cross.

Mr. Kurishinkal Josy , President IMS  , said , “the great sacrifice done by the Christians of Orissa has to be remembered by the people of  India. We will commemorate 25th August as Indian Christian Martyrs Day all over Madhya Pradesh.” MPIMS will remember it as a day to remember all those Christians since St. Thomas, the apostle, who were killed while serving the Lord.”

Adding to this Mrs. Sheela Shantiago, the women wing president, said that along with martyrs we will also specially remember those heroic women who faced rape, molestation and insults for the sake of faith, their sacrifice is not less than martyrdom.”  

Richard D’Silva , Media In-charge, said ,We have started and E-mail campaign to appeal all the Church leaders and people of good will  to celebrate it with prayer, fasting, blood donation camps etc. He also urged the Church leaders and organizations  to declare 25th August as Indian Christian Martyrs Day. He said that if this date is not suitable any other date can be fixed but their great sacrifice to strengthen the faith of Christians has to be remembered.”

MPIM has decided to write to all Church leaders and organizations to promote this day as Indian Christian Martyrs Day. We will celebrate this day from now on. We will also remember and honour all those living persons too who suffered during the violence.

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