Madhya Pradesh Pastor brutalized by police and anti conversion charges clamped

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Madhya Pradesh, June 19, 2014: Pastor Bhikanlal Dhurvey a Gond Tribal 28 years is serving the Lord for the past 8 years in a place called Gandhi Nagar among the Gond tribals in Bhopal .Gandhi Nagar is 8 kilometers from Bhopal Railway station and 1 kilometers from the Bhopal Airport.

Madhya Pradesh PoliceAround 15 men and woman from Gond tribals are coming for fellowship.

A man named Khilyan from their Gond tribe who is alleged to be a drunkard and a thief is believed to be closely associated with the Bajrangis namely Pawan Singh Dhakad and Chandra Prakash

Khilyan collaborated with of the Bajrangis filed a false case against Bhikanlal at the Gandhi Nagar police station,alleging that he is involved in converting the Gond Tribals to Christianity by alluring them with money.

On the 19.04.2014 Police SP and TI came to Khilyan’s place and abused him and then the SP Slapped Pastor and instructed his subordinates to break down his Prayer centre a small facility built with the help of many especially by a Malayalee Brother Kuruvilla .

A police constable came to his place on the 21.04.2014 and took the report and also gave Bhikanlal a document of the police station. Yesterday a police constable came and gave Bhikanlal a piece of paper mentioning the names of the Gond tribals who are having fellowshipwith him.

A case as per Madhya Pradesh anti conversion act is clamped on Pastor. He is summoned to report at the police stationon the 30th of this month June 2014. Pastor Sam Mathew GCIC Coordinator of Madhya Pradesh intervened and contacted the TI Gandhi Nagar Police Station and he was asked to meet the officer personally. Pastor Sam Mathew along with Bhikanlal is planning to go and meet theTI (Town Inspector) Please Pray.

Pastor is married to Anita Dhurvey( 26 ) and blessed with daughters Priyanka (8) SonAnkit 7 years old.


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