Madonna at NFL hurts Christian sensibilities

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United States of America, October 11, 2011: It has been reported  that, the National Football League (NFL) is considering a proposal to invite Madonna to perform at the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI, which is indeed unfortunate. Madonna is better known for her anti-Christian stance, including offensive lyrics, lewd behavior and misappropriation of sacred symbols. Many Christians, particularly Catholics find ” few singers who have been as blasphemous against Jesus and His mother, the virgin Mary or the Christian faith as has Madonna. Some of her songs, albums and shows twist Christian themes and intertwines them with impure subjects – as in songs Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Goodbye to Innocence, and in her album The Immaculate Collection “. Madonna performed a mock crucifixion in Rome, nearby the Vatican, in which she wore a fake crown of thorns and descended on a suspended, glittery cross as part of her worldwide “Confessions Tour.”

If Madonna were to perform, Christians and secular others would certainly have their sentiments hurt. Christianity and the community would be discriminated against, as it is obvious that Christians would turn the other cheek and NFL would dare not feature an artiste who is known for blaspheming any other faith – Islam, Jewish, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc. Another good reason not to have Madonna to perform is the overtly sexual content of her lyrics, which will not go down well with the “straight” football fans, including children and women. Offering Madonna a world platform would be seen as endorsing or ignoring her anti-Christian stand.

In view of the above, we urge you to desist from such anti-Christian bias and not entertain Madonna at the NFL, which needs to be maintained as a respectable sporting event.

– catholic league

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