Maharashtra: Malvan believers attacked again. The CSF takes it up

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Malvan believers attacked

Maharashtra, December 4, 2012: Malvan, a peace haven in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, once know for its tranquility has recently been targeted with Hindutva forces creating mayhem in the place. The Sunday worship was attacked on 2nd December, 2012 by a mob of over 200 fundamentalists. The believers who had gathered for the prayer meeting in the evening were illegally confined to the house of Pastor Mathias for almost four hours, as the religious extremists locked the door, surrounded the bungalow and hurled abuses. The Hindutva forces have grouped under the banner of Hindu Dharma Jagran Samiti and have made life miserable for the Christians after an earlier attack on 26th October 2012.

Malvan believers attackedThe CSF memorandum to the chief minister, home minister, Director General of Police and concerned authorities states that the police and district authorities have been approached repeatedly, but inaction is resulting in the religious fundamentalists growing stronger and bolder by the day. They are spreading communal venom even among the children and hence, this menace has to be nipped in the bud to prevent the damage to the social fabric. The CSF has called for the culprits to be booked and stringent action as a deterrent to prevent future attacks.

In the face of the angry mob, Pastor Anand Chowgule sensing that the volatile situation would get out of hand and fearing for the lives of the believers, called the police who came and dispersed the mob. It was only about a month back that the Christians were attacked, and thereafter the police reportedly took the issue lightly. The attackers who were released on bail were even publicly felicitated, by the Hindutva villagers and encouraged to continue attacking the Christians. A social boycott was out in place, with the believers being told that the villagers would refuse to buy or sell fish and have dealings with the Christian converts.

Malvan believers attackedAgain on Sunday night, the wife of Pastor Mathias noticed that the miscreants returned and were trying to set fire to their Scorpio jeep, which is also used for ministry purposes. She raised an alarm and the goons fled. There is no police protection and officials are ineffective and even appearing to shelter the religious fundamentalists. Joseph Dias, The CSF general secretary, who had earlier sent complaints to the authorities, including the SP and Collector, said ” the lack of enforcing rule of law and not taking strong action against the culprits has emboldened the Hindutva forces in the region, who are striking terror “.

According to Joseph Dias, who met some of the pastors – ” The Malwan police appear to take sides, resulting in the religious extremists operating freely with repeated attacks. Believers were targeted just over a month ago and now again. The Hindu Dharma Jagran Sameeti has been responsible for persecuting the Christians, making false complaints against them, abusing and destroying their property / assets, socially boycotting them, preventing them from exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of religion, etc.  The pastors and believers are afraid for their life and the lives of those believers or others who only want to freely attend worship prayer meetings and are at risk “.

– The CSF


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