Malaysia church to raise its cross again

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Malaysia church crossMalaysia, May 31, 2015: The church in Taman Medan which removed its cross following a protest last month will return the Christian symbol to its place on its building soon, said the senior pastor of the church.

Rev Paul Packianathan of the Community of Praise Petaling Jaya Church said that the church leadership has decided the cross will be put up again and that the timing would depend on the availability of the contractor they have commissioned for the job.

He also said that nobody could deny the church its symbol of faith.

On April 19, a group of 50 Muslim residents from the Taman Medan community protested in front of the shop lot where the house of worship was located and demanded that the cross affixed to the building facade be taken down.

They said the cross was a challenge to Islam and would sway the faith of youth in the area.

Pastor Victoria, Paul’s wife, who was conducting the service that Sunday then decided to remove the cross for safety and security reasons.

Following the incident, Selangor Chief Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali said the church should put the cross back on the building’s facade as it was the symbol of Christianity.

The Selangor government also clarified that churches do not need permits to hold worship services in shop lots or commercial properties, and that only a notification of their activities to the state’s Council on Non-Islam Affairs, was required.

When asked if he was afraid that there could be further protests if the cross is put back, Paul said today that the question should be posed to the authorities concerned.

“That is a question for the authorities, what they will do if there is another protest,” he said.

He added that as Malaysians, they just wanted to live in peace and harmony.

“We want to live in peace with everyone and don’t want any hassle,” he said.

“At the same time it is our symbol and nobody can deny us that.”

– the malaysian insider

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