Mangalore: Christian Leaders Denounce Attack on Minorities, Churches

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Justice Michael SaldanhaKarnataka, November 7, 2011: Justice Michael Saldanha and Rev. Anandakumar Jogul, Karnataka All India Christian Council co-ordinator, along with Karnataka Missions Network (Mangalore) chairman, Walter J.Maben cautioned the people of Karnataka against attempts by the Sangh Parivar and its political allies to communalise the environment in the state. They said the so-called Rath Yatra by BJP leader and prime ministerial aspirant Lal Krishan Advani through Karnataka may purportedly be against corruption, but its objective was to sow the seeds of communal hatred and aggravate tension for electoral gains. They recalled the massive violence that took place in the wake of the last rath yatra of Mr Advani in the 1990s.
Justice Saldanha and the speakers at a meet of persecuted Christians, took strong exception to Janata Party president, Subramaniam Swamy’s slander campaign against the minority communities in his so called complaint to the police against Sonia Gandhi for the Communal Violence Prevention Bill drafted by the National Advisory Council and also demanded legal action against Subramaniam Swamy for spreading hate and advocating that Muslims should not be given voting rights.
Justice Saldanha lamented that the violence against minorities, particularly in the states of Karnaaka, Orissa, MP, UP, Gujarat, and North East is growing day by day. Media feels the attack on minorities as just a act of violence but we feel its terrorism, he expressed. Though there is a significant development in Gujarat and Orissa, he said Karnataka is still the same. Here the forces of evil have not stopped, such attempts are done by the Sangh Parivar and its political allies to communize the environment in the state and the blame is put on the lunatic and isolated individuals, he opined.
He mentioned Gandhi’s quote, “An eye for and eye makes the world blind”. He insisted that we need judicial and legal action to be taken out and not just courtesy from the government. Walter J Maben brought forth the recent attacks in the city of Mangalore at a Chapel near Padua High school, St Theresa High School, Bendur and Alphonsa Church in Kankanday and urged the law enforcing authorities to actively pursue the cases. He noted that more than 1,000 people and pastors have become the victims already. K L Ashok insisted for a quick action and requested the present CM to bring back the communal harmony which is getting lost due to such incidences.


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