Manipur: Outrage after Catholic woman refused burial in Ukhrul

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Manipur, August 11, 2017: In 2015 the dead baby of a Roma family was at the centre of a huge racism row in France.The tragic death of the two-and-a-half-month-old baby hit the headlines after the local town refused them a burial plot, with the mayor reportedly saying priority should be given to taxpayers.

Another case has surfaced in Northeast India Manipur, a dead woman has not been allowed to be buried because of her family was ex-communicated about seven years back for professing a different religious denomination.

It may be noted that secularism is enshrined in the Constitution of India. Rita Haorei of Ukhrul district but presently staying at Litan expired on August 7 but her mortal remains have not been put to rest till date.

Yangmi Haorei who was earlier a Christian Baptist embraced Catholic denomination of Christianity, for his conversion from Baptist to Catholic, Yangmi and family were ex-communicated and banished from his village on January 7, 2010.

Now the people of Leingangching have been preventing Yangmi from burying his dead wife at their village.

Speaking to media persons, Tangkhul Catholic Council (TCC) president Paotam Zimik decried that denial of proper burial to a dead woman is against humanity and it is a blatant violation of freedom of religion enshrined in the Constitution of India.

“It is a matter of serious concern if the Government cannot see us, the Roman Catholics, as citizens of the country”, Paotam said

The Sacred Heart Parish Council, Hungpung dashed off another letter asking the Leingangching Village Authority to give freedom of religion to Leingangching villagers.

The village authority sent a reply to Yangmi within the same month informing that there was no prohibition in embracing any other religious faith/denomination but they must leave the village.

Even though various complaints were lodged with police, the FIR was withdrawn following NSCN-IM’ s assurance that they would look into the matter.

“In spite of all these harsh and humiliating treatment, we, as Catholics, would not resort to violence and we would wait for Government intervention,” Paotam Zimik added.

– the sangai express

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One Response to “Manipur: Outrage after Catholic woman refused burial in Ukhrul”
  1. Denis Khan says:

    In his book, ’Journey towards Easter’, page 141, Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger explains ‘Nobody has the right to excommunicate. St. Augustine excommunicated himself before his death, to feel the pain of the excommunicate. It was formerly believed that Jesus Christ was only in the Church.
    Sadly, even today, burials are denied to ex parishioners in the Parish cemetery.

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