‘Mary Did You Know’ Video & a Christmas Letter From Jesus

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Mary Did you know
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Mary Did You Know - Clay Aiken


A Christmas Letter From Jesus

A Christmas letter form Jesus

Dear Beloved,
Well, as you know, it’s time for my birthday again.

Last year they had a real big party for me and it seems like they will again this year.
After all, they’ve been shopping and preparing for it for months now, and there have been announcements and advertisements almost every day about how soon it’s coming!

Christmas Party

They really do go overboard about it, but it’s nice to know that at least on one day of the year some people are thinking about me a little.

You know, it’s been many years now since they first started celebrating my birthday.

Back then they seemed to realize and appreciate how much fun it is for the little children.

Just the same, it seems that most folks are missing the point of it all.

Like last year, for example.

When my birthday came around they threw a big party but can you believe it, I wasn’t invited!

Birthday Party

Imagine! The guest of honour, and they forgot all about me!

Here they had begun preparing for the festivities two months in advance but when the big day came I was left out in the cold!

Well, it happened so many times in recent years I wasn’t even surprised.

Even though I wasn’t invited I thought I’d just quietly slip in anyway.

So I came in and stood off to the side.

Everyone was drinking, laughing and having a grand time, when all of the sudden, in came this fellow in a bright red suit wearing a phony white  beard and shouting “Ho Ho Ho!”

Santa claus

Everyone cheered, all the children came running over to him, excitedly yelling Santa!”

You would have thought that he was the guest of honour and the whole holiday was in his honour!

Then he began telling them the most ridiculous stories you’ve ever heard …

Finally I had to leave, walked out of the door, but no one even noticed that I had gone.

I’m planning of holding my own party!

How about that?

It’s going to be the biggest, most fantastic feast, you could possibly imagine!
I’m not saying the date yet, but I’m sending out invitations now anyway because I know you’ll want to come.

There’s going to be room for everyone who wants to come! I’ll reserve you a seat of honour (Matthew 8:11) So hold on to your hat because when everything is ready I’m going to spring it as a big surprise and a lot of people are going to be left out in the cold because they didn’t answer my invitation!

Let me know right away if you’d like to come and I’ll reserve a place for you and write your name in large golden letters in my BIG GUEST BOOK!!

Much Love,



– fwd: samuel machado

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