Meghalaya starts action against Satan worship

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shillongShillong, July 16, 2014: Meghalaya government has started a series of steps to curb the reported increase in ‘Satan worship’ in the predominantly Christian state, media reports say.

The cult is particularly troubling Garo Hills, the government has started spreading of awareness against the cult, especially among the youth, the Times of India reported.

According to a top executive, various village defense parties and local durbars (councils) have been generating awareness to “wean away misguided youth indulging in satan worship.

“Night patrolling is being carried out with special attention to graveyards on a regular basis,” said a police officer, who claimed that members of the satanic cult have been gathering at cemeteries to conduct their rituals.

“Police in all the districts of the state have been directed to keep a close watch on such activities by groups or persons, and to liaise with the local headmen to stop rumors that cause lynching of Satan worshippers,” he said.

Last month, five alleged ‘devil worshippers’ were arrested and later, released from Tura, the headquarters of the West Garo Hills.

“All the boys were high school students and had tattoos on their bodies which looked like satanic images. They also had unique parallel lines etched across their stomachs,” a police official said.

“While it is no business of governments in secular nations to monitor who worships whom, it is important to ensure that religious sentiments of none are hurt,” said an observer.

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