NY: Memo to Pak Consul General by Hindus & Activists

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August 14, 2013

Minorities in Pakistan Consul General of Pakistan
12 East,
65th Street
New York, New York 10021


Dear  Consul General:

We are submitting this Memorandum to you to express our shock, anguish and indignation at the horrific treatment meted out to the victims of religious bigotry, hate and intolerance  ((Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and other minority communities)  in the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It is a well known fact that Pakistan is an apartheid State.  Torture, loot, discrimination and murder of Hindu men and rape of Hindu girls and their forcible marriage to Muslims is going on unabated. According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on an average around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are being abducted, converted to Islam and forcibly married to Muslim men every month in the southern Sindh province.

Campaign of vilification and slander continues in connivance with Pakistan government against Hindus, Sikhs and  Christians  in order to denigrate and demonize their religion.

Blasphemy laws are used to intimidate, harass and even give life sentences based on false accusations.

Radicalization of Pakistani society by Jihadists supported by ISI and otherintelligence agencies goes on unchallenged by the government.

Twelve million rupees ($140,000) jizya – the medieval tax – was  levied on Sikhs last year in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

Last  week, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom said that it has tracked 203 publicly-reported incidents of sectarian violence resulting in more than 1,800 casualties, including over 700 deaths.

Muslim population in India is increasing with leaps and bounds.  It has almost doubled.  However, it is a matter of  regret and shame that during the same period almost all the Hindus and Sikhs have been religiously cleansed from Pakistan!  At the time of Partition, Hindus and Sikhs were approximately 25%, now they are  less than 2%.

Hindus have been terrorized in Pakistan to such an extent that in April-May this year, about 500 Hindus who crossed into India under the pretense of  visiting a religious festival, refused to go back  and begged government of India to give them political asylum.

In other words, Pakistan is a living hell for minorities: Hindus, Sikhs,Buddhists and Christians

Mr. Consul General you should understand that  the hate, violence,  and terror are the hallmark of uncivilized brutes.  They are part and parcel of the Arabic barbarism.

Your forefathers were Hindu before converting to Islam by Arabs.  Perhaps you may be aware of the stark reality that Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan was the grandson of Punjabhai Valjibhai Thakkar, a Hindu.  Religious fanaticism of the 7th century is not compatible with the spirit of 21st century.

Hence, it is absolutely essential that your country take  immediate steps tostop atrocities being perpetrated on hapless minority communities.

Ref: http://www.humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news/AHRC-STM-136-2013


Very truly yours,

Hindu Human Rights Watch

Submitted by:

Indian American Intellectuals Forum
Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America
Hindu Human Rights Watch
Justice for Hindus
India Heritage Foundation, Lansing, Michigan
Human Rights Coalition against Radical Islam
Probasi of Brooklyn

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