Minorities, the rise of BJP and politics of Congress

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Indian MinoritiesOctober 02, 2013: The announcement by Mr. Sushil Shinde, Home Minister, that no Muslims should be harassed reinforces the theory that Congressmen’s are actually working for BJP and related organizations.

The announcement of Mr. Shinde has given a fodder to BJP and even common people regarding so called appeasement of Muslims. Mr. Home Minister, what was stopping you to write a letter that no innocent persons should be harassed or persecuted? The hidden intent perhaps was to create a controversy and in a way help BJP and not take any concrete steps for helping innocent people in Jails. All sane people be it Muslims or alike should condemn and ask Mr. Home Minister to apologise for his insensitive remarks.

For almost 60 years Congress party and other so called parties are harping on that they are the real protector of the minorities.

If Congress is able to get Muslim votes for so many years, it’s not because Muslims trust the Congress but the real reasons are lack of options in the Indian political system but between opting for a lesser or bigger demon.

Time again and again has proved that Congress is interested in only providing lip services to the real issues of Muslims.

Congress only remembers Muslims closer to elections. For last 9 years there are numerous issues related to Muslims like education, reservations in jobs, communal violence bill, which was either not tabled or even if discussed nothing concrete comes out.

The only work the Congress do in the entire 5 years is to organise Roza Iftaar, Mushairas etc and showcase so called Muslims elites in attendance, who are interested to get publicity and ministerial berths for themselves.

BJP reached to its zenith from 2 seats on the work done by Congressmen in the garb of secularism. It’s the Congress which allowed them to grow. Unlocking of Babri Masjid, Shilanayas, demolition of Babri Masjid, massacres of Muslims at Moradabad, Meerut, and Bhagalpur, Nellie, Mumbai and numerous other massacres. In fact, the Congress government ensured delay / withdrawal of court cases against rioters be it Nellie or Meerut.

It’s under Congress that thousands of Muslims are in Jails without any trials being initiated.

At the end its looks Congressmen are the ones who have played a major role in strengthening the BJP and thereby creating bad blood/ rifts between communities.

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