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Family on the beachA family of five was enjoying their day at the beach. The children were bathing in the ocean and making sand castles when in the distance a little old lady appeared.

Her hair was blowing in the wind and her clothes were dirty and torn. She was muttering to herself as she picked up things from the beach and put them in her bag.

Family on the beachThe parents called the children to their side and told them to stay away from the old lady. As she passed by, bending every now and then to pick up things she smiled at the family. But her greeting was never returned.

Many weeks later they learned that the old lady had made it her life long crusade to pick up bits of glass from the beach, so that the children wouldn’t cut their feet….

“Your good work and your good intentions will often be misinterpreted, nevertheless do good.” – Mother Teresa

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Ratan Tata

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