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MittalKolkata, May 21, 2013: Kolkata Ex-Xavierite – Lakshmi Newas Mittal pledged his support to his alma mater for its expansion in London at a felicitation ceremony held in his honour at the British Museum on May 18 evening in the presence of the British Jesuit Provincial, Indian High Commissioner, Alumni/ae and many distinguished guests. He also invited other Xaverians to generously support St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata in its academic and infrastructure expansion.

The steel tycoon and the richest man in Europe promised to provide funds for the Rajarhat campus of the College. “Fr Felix Raj has shared his dream with me. He has explained to me the SXC Vision 2020. It is my desire to help him and the College to realise the vision 2020″ he said.

He remembered his days at St. Xavier’s. He narrated how he got his admission after waiting for days in front of Fr. Joris’ office. When he topped the university, Fr. Joris asked him to teach at the College. Mr. Mittal said to Fr. Joris, ” Fr, If you begin the classes from 9 am instead of 6 am! “Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been if I had taken up the teaching offer of Fr. Joris?”, he mused.

Mr. Sudhir Maheswari and his team had made elaborate arrangements at British Museum. Mr. Mittal was the focal point of BB IV. Mr. Mittal, his wife, son and daughter in law were highly impressed by the gesture shown by the College and the Alumni Association. Mrs. Mittal particularly thanked Fr. Felix Raj for the honour bestowed on her husband.

Earlier Father Felix Raj had chartered the Vision SXC 2020 to the assembly of 300 Xaverians and guests. Mr. Sudhir Maheswari, Jermey Ghosh and Chiradip responded to the vision. ” To carry forward the vision and to realise it, we need the Xaverians to stand by their alma mater”. Xaverins like Sudhir Maheswari, Prashant Jhawar, Shirish Apte and Ram Chandra Saraf have come forward to pledge a sum of 21,000 pounds each for the development of the College.

About 133 strong team of Alumni/ae went from Kolkata led by Fr. Felix Raj and steered by the Association secretary, Firdausul Hasan in addition to 80 Xaverians from Bangalore, Dubai and Singapore.

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