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Model code applicable on social media contentNew Delhi, October 25, 2013: All candidates will have to provide email and social media account details.

The Election Commission Friday said its model code of conduct will also apply to social media content.

According to an Election Commission order to officials and political parties, all candidates will have to provide email and social media account details, get social media political advertisements certified and keep record of the new media expenditure.

The model code of conduct, in force from Oct 4, the day elections were announced in Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and Rajasthan, will also apply to print and TV content, said the election panel.

However, as far as content posted by people other than candidates and political parties was concerned, the commission said it was consulting the ministry of communications and IT to find ways to deal with the issue.

The commission’s order came after its attention was drawn to the use of social media for election campaign and also certain violations of the electoral law in the media, “which needs to be regulated in the interest of transparency and level playing field in the elections”.

According to the Election Commission, “prevalence of web and social media has increased over the years and there have been demands from political and social groups to regulate the social media during elections as other media is regulated”.

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