Modi’s obsession and the future of Indian state

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Modi’s obsession and the future of Indian stateNovember 17, 2013: BJP feels it has done an effective cover up job by producing from nowhere someone calling himself Pranlal Soni, supposedly a resident of Kutch claiming that “Madhuri” is his daughter and he had asked family friend Narendra Modi to keep a watchful eye on his daughter in the big bad Ahmedabad. Great, what a caring and responsible “uncle” the aspiring prime minister of India has proved to be!

Who wouldn’t want such a man to head the nation? He will then take care of all little girls keeping a watchful eye on every young woman, lest she goes astray and strikes a friendship with an undesirable boyfriend and causes heartburns to her parents and the state. And how do we know this “uncle” did not have an eye for the young woman?

No we don’t. On the contrary the minute to minute reporting on the movements of the girl by the elite Anti Terrorist Squad of Gujarat Police suggests that the chief minister was obsessed with this girl. Pradeep Sharma’s affidavit in fact directly alleged this, even hinting at the identity of the woman. This is the celibate pracharak, so dedicated to the cause that he abandoned his legally wedded wife, who is eking out a living as a low paid teacher in a municipal school far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and towns. He surely is a role model for the Sanghis! Asaram Bapu is behind the bars and rightly so, because a girl has alleged rape. Babulal Nagar is in jail on charges of rape, and he should be for misusing his official position and sexually exploiting a woman. But Modi can set the entire Gujarat Police force upon an unsuspecting woman, clearly showing the gross misuse of official machinery. But he is above rebuke. Is that the reason he and his party the BJP want Special Protection Group
(SPG) for him? So while the SPG takes care of his security, the state police goes chasing and snooping around on young women he fancies?

But imagine the state under a person like Narendra Modi! The entire security paraphernalia of the country led by the right honourable Home Minister of the state will be keeping a minute to minute watch on some woman, the “Saheb” may fancy. They used to say about erstwhile Soviet Union under Leonid Brezhnev: “Big Brother is Watching.” Under Modi there will be posters all around for young women, “Uncle Modi is Watching.”

That was just one woman and Modi is so far only the chief minister of a small state called Gujarat. Imagine when he becomes the Prime Minister of the vast Indian nation. Nobody will be safe. Yes his Gestapo will first come for the Muslims, then the secularists, then his political opponents outside the BJP and eventually the Advanis, the Shatrughan Sinhas and the Yashwant Sinhas within the BJP as also the Praveen Togadias and M G Vaidyas in VHP/RSS. I wonder whether he will even allow the on his way out Indian Express Editor in Chief Shekhar Gupta the impunity to speak up just for form sake and yet Guptaji says Why fear Modi? He boasted in Pakistan: “Don’t bother we can very well take care of Modi.” I compliment Guptaji for defending the honour of the country abroad especially in Pakistan. But he has repeated the same today, eleven years and two elections after Godhra? No sir, Modi has grown from strength to strength. I don’t feel so confident about a future in which Modi comes to rule the country. My best wishes with Guptaji for his bravado!

– faraz ahmad

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