Modi wave didn’t help BJP’s Muslim candidates

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modi and muslimsDelhi, May 17, 2014: Modi wave that has given BJP a historic win has reduced the number of Muslim MPs in Lok Sabha. This wave did not help its own Muslim candidates. 282 BJP MPs will sit in the next Lok Sabha but none of them Muslim.

BJP contested 428 seats in this election, out of which seven of its candidates were Muslims. However, only one-Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, the three-time MP was expected to win. He narrowly lost this time by a margin of 9485 votes leaving BJP with 282 MPs but none of them Muslim.

BJP leaders always make this argument that the reason that they don’t give tickets to Muslim candidates is because they look at a candidate’s ability to win as the main criteria for selection. But except Shahnawaz Hussain no one even came close to a win. Hussain lost a seat that he has won twice before- clearly Modi wave had a negative effect on his winnability.

Combined number of votes by seven BJP candidates comes out to be 5.5 lakhs out of which 3.5 lakhs were polled by Shahnawaz Hussain alone. Nationwide BJP candidates polled over 17 crores votes.

If we look at the distribution of Muslim BJP candidates, except for Shahnawaz Hussain all are in areas that BJP was not expected to do very well to being with. If BJP was confident of the Modi wave they could have made any Muslim candidate win from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, or Uttar Pradesh but not giving even one ticket to Muslims in all these BJP strongholds exposes the hypocrisy of BJP that for them religion doesn’t matter. The Party that talks about development stands for the marginalization of Muslims and that is the key to its electoral success.

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