MP: Hindu fundamentalists threaten pastors

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Madhya PradeshMadhya Pradesh, July 30, 2014: Pastor Jagadish is in charge of a small congregation of Christians in Nagda, a small town, about 55 kilometers from Ujjain, the famous Hindu religious City of Madhya Pradesh. Pastor Jagadish had to be away from the town so he asked Pastor Rakesh Goyal, a 30 year old pastor, to conduct the Sunday Service on his behalf. So Rakesh from Ujjain went to Nagda to condut the Sunday service on behalf of Jagadish on Sunday the 27th of July 2014.

The service began at the usual time and Pastor Rakesh was preaching. About 25 people, mostly ladies, were present at the worship service. Just as the pastor was preaching, about 30 VHP and Bajrang Dal workers came to the church accompanied by machine-gun wielding policemen, and one of the Area leaders of Bajrang Dal, one Bherulal Taank, along with 2 others, entered the church and ordered Pastor Rakesh to come out of the church and demanded to know whether he was converting people to Christianity, and if so he must stop it at once.

He also told Pastor Rakesh to inform Pastor Jagdish to meet him when he came back. Then they also seem to be planning to take Rakesh to the Police Station. But then they seem to have decided against it and so didn’t take him to the police station.

Ever since the BJP Government has come to power at the Centre, Bajrang Dal and other Hindu outfits seem to have been provided with gun-totting escorts by the State Government, a new development in the BJP-ruled State of Madhya Pradesh.

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