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Divided in seven parts, the series will cost a record US$ 1 billion. Extremist Muslim scholar Qaradawi will serve as consultant. A response to the blasphemous movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’, the series will be translated into various languages.

Muhammad blockbuster without images of the prophet in deference to ShariaQatar, December 21, 2012: Qatar-based Alnoor Holding is planning a movie series on the life of Prophet Mohammed to the tune of US$ 1 billion dollars. Out of respect for Islamic beliefs, in none of the episodes will the prophet be visible. Controversial Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most prominent and extremist Sunni scholars, will serve as the series’ technical consultant.

Alnoor announced in 2009 that it was seeking financing for a similar mega series, to be produced by Barrie Osborne, a Hollywood veteran of more than 40 years whose credits include Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. However, the project failed to take off because of the puny US$ 1.5 million dollar budget.

Now the new production will be directly sponsored by Qatar whose authorities said they would foot the entire US$ 1 billion bill.

Divided in seven parts, the series tells the story of Muhammad closely following the Qur’an, its only source.

The company said the film will be translated into several different languages, and shown in Europe and the United States “to correct the wrong image Western societies have of Islam.”

For the series’ producers, the project is a response to the blasphemous Innocence of the Muslims, which caused a wave of violent attacks against Western diplomatic missions in almost all Muslim countries leaving a trail of almost a hundred people dead.

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