Mumbai: 37 million lights against selective abortions and violence against women

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The number refers to the disparity between males and females reported in the last national census (2011). In the parishes of the Archdiocese 37 million lamps and candles will be lit. For the director of the Catholic weekly The Examiner, spiritual and sexual health formation can bring about a change in attitude that respects the dignity and sacredness of human beings. The message of the Bishops’ Conference for Indian Republic Day.

The parishes of the Archdiocese will symbolically light (in total) 37 million lamps and candlesMumbai, January 26, 2013:  The campaign “37 million lights” begins tomorrow, commissioned by the Archdiocese of Mumbai to sensitize the community to all forms of violence against women: sex-selective abortion, female feticide, dowry murders, rapes, maternal and child mortality. Today India celebrates its 63rd Republic Day, and the debate on the role of women, after the New Delhi gang rape is still alive.  The Archdiocese initiative comes in this context, to reiterate the position taken by the Church from the outset. The title refers to data from the last national census (Census 2011), which states that the disparity between men and women in the population is 37 million.

For this reason, tomorrow evening the parishes of the Archdiocese will symbolically light (in total) 37 million lamps and candles.

Fr. Anthony Charanghat, editor of the archdiocesan weekly The Examiner, told AsiaNews: “In India, sexual violence against women is ancient and widespread as patriarchy. Crimes such as rape, dowry murders, acid attacks, honour crimes, child brides and human trafficking are the order of the day. senseless violence and manic brutality inflicted on the victim [New Delhi, ed] have shaken the conscience of many middle-class citizens, who consider Gender Equality as important as the fight against poverty. ” However, “this movement must go on until justice is done for all our daughters and sisters who have been violated.”

According to the priest, protest and indignation at such crimes “must be translated into reasoned not impulsive actions”. Instead of “invoking draconian penalties or death for those who commit rape”, more than anything else “we need a change in mentality reached through spiritual and sexual health education, while respecting the dignity and sacredness of the human being.”

In his message for the Indian Republic Day, even the Bishops’ Conference (CBCI) returned to the issue of violence against women. The bishops stress that “violence against women and children – not only rapes, but all cases of female infanticide and feticide, harassment, rape, honour and dowry killings – crumble the pillars of society and the nation, stopping the path to peace and prosperity. ”

To defeat these plagues, the CBCI reiterates the importance of “total formation of the person, which should help parents, teachers, elders, spiritual leaders and authorities,” and the futility of “dehumanizing measures such as the death penalty or chemical castration. ” The desire for revenge “must give way to forgiveness,” noting that “human life is a precious gift of God, which no one has the right to take away.”

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