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Mumbai blasts condemned

July 15, 2011 by  
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Blasts in MumbaiThe CSF joins the Church’s condemnation of the Mumbai which left at least 21 dead and 131 injured. The CSF General Secretary, Joseph Dias in a statement said that the metropolis, the commercial capital of India, was a soft target for terrrorists and hoped that the Government would tackle the menace effectively. He called upon ” the Union and State Government to invest at least Rs. 100 Crore on survellience to prevent a reoccurance, as we do not seem to have learnt lessons from the past ” for if business hub and important institutions are targetted, there is little hope and the evil designs will be accomplished. The CSF will represent with the powers-that-be on the issue.

Condemning July 13 blasts, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India said: “We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families…. and we remember those who have been injured and are being treated at various hospitals of Mumbai.” The bishops urged all sections of society to work together to “thwart the nefarious designs” of criminal groups attempting to destroy social peace. CBCI spokesman Father Babu Joseph said Mumbai, unfortunately, had again been a victim of mindless violence at the hands of misguided elements. It must be fought with all resolve, he said.

“These explosions are the handiwork of terrorists. With its volatile neighborhood, India has been a repeated target of terrorist activity,” said John Dayal, secretary general of the All India Christian Council. Samuel Jaikumar of the National Council of Churches in India expressed concern over security arrangements in the country. “There is a serious lapse in the security system in the country. Our intelligence has to be better,” he said.

Three near-simultaneous blasts took place at Zaveri Bazar, a jewellery market, Dadar and the Opera House, in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. All three places were packed with office workers and commuters. The most crowded was Zaveri Bazaar, where hundreds of diamond traders were gathered before close of business. Witnesses reported seeing victims lying in a pool of blood – some having lost limbs. There were several fires. The city had in 2008 witnessed a series of blasts which claimed 166 lives.

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