Murdered Christian doctor’s family discount police statement

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Dr. Rajan DanielUAE, : The family of a doctor brutally murdered at an Abu Dhabi hospital are praying to God to forgive his alleged murderer. Dr Rajan Daniel’s wife Geetha George said : “I depend on my dear husband’s values and character to face this difficult situation he taught us to love everyone around us irrespective of one’s deeds or words.

“He believed in love and dedicating everything to God’s will. I am following those principles and praying to God to forgive him [the alleged murderer] for he might not know what he did.

“I can never comprehend what happened to my loving husband and nothing will compensate our great loss,” she said in tears. Geetha spoke at her residence in the presence of her daughter, son-in-law and a cousin on Monday evening.

“While revealing the true facts of the incident, my daughter also reminded me that we have to uphold his principles, to deal with this crisis,” she said. “I told my mother, if we feel hatred or revenge towards that man, my dad’s soul will never be in peace because he taught me to love only and never hate anyone whatsoever the reason be,” added Dr. Junu Anurup, Dr Rajan’s daughter.

Until Monday afternoon, Geetha was under the impression her husband died of a heart attack. Ajith, her cousin and only close relative here, said he did not dare tell her about the brutal murder, he instead waited until Junu and her husband Dr Anurup arrived on Sunday night. “We gradually told her the truth by Monday afternoon, she fainted when she heard that he was stabbed to death by a patient,” Junu said.

Geetha said she could never comprehend that a patient would inflict such cruelty on her husband, who never mentioned any problem with any patient.

She said that her husband always shared everything with her. “If there was any argument or any sort of trouble with a patient, he would have definitely told me. There was no such an incident in his almost four-decade long career,” Geetha said.

Both mother and daughter said they never believed the accused’s statement to police that the doctor provoked him when he complained about his uncured illness. “He had a special relationship with all patients,” Junu said. She told how it was difficult to move around in the UAE with her father because his patients, mostly poor labourers, would always identify him and strike up long conversations with him. “Although we too enjoyed the love and respect extended to us as the family members of the doctor by those patients, we always had to force dad to pause the conversation and move ahead.

“As a doctor, even I too doubted why he spent that much time with the patients, even when he was busy. But he told me he had a special relationship with all of them,” Junu said. Describing her father as a calm and quiet man, Junu told how he only got angry with her once in her life, when she was a first grader, over something he didn’t like. She said: “My mother used to scold me. But I never saw him angry, rather he never knew how to get angry or scold somebody. He was always calm and quiet.”


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