Muslim cleric criticises Modi government move on Uniform Civil Code

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Kolkata, October 24, 2016: A leading Muslim cleric on Friday accused the Narendra Modi government of hatching a conspiracy to “impose” the Uniform Civil Code in a bid to polarise the nation, and called for a nationwide road blockade to protest the move.

With two Muslim Trinamool Congress MPs – Sultan Ahmed and Idris Ali – by his side, Tipu Sultan Mosque Imam Syed Noor-Ur- Rahaman Barkati appealed to all communities to join hands to oppose the Centre’s plans.

“The Modi government is trying to polarise the nation on communal lines by imposing the UCC on us. We won’t accept it. We are totally opposed to it.

“I appeal to all Hindus, Muslims, Christians, the Dalits and other communities to join hands,” Barkati said while speaking at a protest demonstration in front of the Tipu Sultan Mosque.

“We will organise a nationwide road blockade on the issue. I urge everybody to participate in this. We will also hold a rally at the Park Circus Maidan soon,” he said.

Both Ahmed and Ali univocally expressed their opposition to any move to impose UCC.

“It will only end up jeopardising the country’s unity. We won’t allow any interference in our religious matters,” said Ahmed.

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