Muslim clerics hit out at centre’s interference on personal law

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Kolkata, November 9, 2016: Muslim clerics in West Bengal attacked the central government on Tuesday for interfering with Muslim Personal Law.

At a gathering of clerics from across the state, Mohammad Qamruzzaman, general secretary of the All Bengal Minority Youth Federation (ABMYF), said the government doesn’t have the right toAdictate one’s choice of religion.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised ‘achhe din’ but does that mean taking away the right to practice the religion of one’s choice or to dictate what one will eat or wear,” he said.

Qamruzzaman also warned the state Bharatiya Janata Party against disrupting the function of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB).

“The BJP, in order to disrupt the function of the AIMPLB, has organised a rally on November 18 but we are also ready to counter any attempts by the BJP,” he said on the proposed BJP rally against triple talaq on November 18 when the three-day convention of the AIMPLB is scheduled begin.

“I urge all Muslims to maintain peace but if they intend to create trouble we are also ready to fight back,” he said.

The clerics also criticised the Trinamool Congress-led state government for not keeping its poll promises and Ademanded a hike in their allowances and residential apartments for Imams.

“The state should find ways to generate revenues from the wakf property in the state and from that it should hike the imams’ and muezzins’ pay. Besides there should be provision for housing for imams and education for their children, as was promised by (Chief Minister) Mamata Banerjee during her election campaign,” he said.

Qamruzzaman said the pay per month should be at least Rs 10,000 for the imams from Rs 2,500) and Rs 6,000 for muezzins (from Rs 1,000) as they have it in New Delhi.

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