Muslim girl students feted in Manipur

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Manipur, June 21, 2012: Manipur Muslim Sisterhood (MMS), a face-book forum, organized a felicitation programme on 17 June, 2012 at Oinam in Imphal West district, Manipur, to commemorate the achievement of Muslim girl students in the recently declared Class X and Class XII board examinations, and the Manipur MBBS/BDS Entrance Examination, 2012.

The function was attended by the member of Manipur State Commission for Women Mrs. Mazida Khan, Associate Professor and former Secretary of Manipur State Minorities Commission Dr. Mohd Raheijuddin Sheikh and Associate Professor of Manipur College Dr. Zinatun as Chief Guest, Guest of Honor and President respectively.

Altaf Raja highlighted the aims and visions of MMS in his key-note address. He said, “MMS is a face-book forum of the Manipuri Muslims, which was created in 2012 with the objective of promoting and sustaining ‘women empowerment’ within the Muslim community in Manipur. MMS dreams of a harmonious Muslim society where women are respected, their importance and aspirations are acknowledged properly and, most importantly, their role and decisions are appreciated and supported. A society where men and women are equal partners is a vision that MMS cherishes and strives for.”

He further added, “Women empowerment in all walks of life shall bring the necessary balance that is required in nature. It will help in promoting structures which are more inclusive, progressive, creative, constructive and generative in nature. This is conducive to establish a well-knitted egalitarian society where women enjoy their due spaces and aware of their rights and responsibilities without undue interferences from their men.”

“Though we often claim of men-women equality and respect for women through various channels of justification, the reality is different. The status of women in our society, particularly in our community, is far from what we claim. There is selective bias against women both in private and public spheres. Thus MMS agendas includes – gender issues including women empowerment, confidence building measures, women’s rights and problems, fighting men’s prejudices (patriarchal domination) and societal, cultural prejudices against women, etc. MMS takes up these agendas through discussions and debates in the forum participated by students, students and eminent personalities from the community and also by organizing felicitation programme for successful sisters to boost up their confidences,” Raja added.

The speakers at the function extolled the performance of Muslim girl students of the State. Majida Khan said that the achievement of the Muslim girl students in the school board exams and other competitive exams over the last few years has made the community really very proud. It has shown that the Muslim parents are realizing the importance of giving quality education to their daughters. The Muslim girls, like their sisters from other communities, have also started keeping high hopes and aspirations. They are also working really hard to achieve their goals. It is a very encouraging trend. The State government should also give special attention to the education of Muslim girls and try to fulfill their needs.

Ms. Wabiya and Ms. Sabnam, the two Muslim girls who cleared the recently declared Manipur MBBS/BDS Entrance Examination, 2012 also gave short speeches.

The function felicitated those Muslim girls of the State who secured 70% and above marks in the recently declared Class X and Class XII examinations conducted by Board of Secondary Examination Manipur (BOSEM), Council of Higher Secondary Examination Manipur (COHSEM) and Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE). More than 80 girls were felicitated at the function.

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