Muslim leaders need to take ‘responsibility’ for radicalization

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Malaysia, July 12, 2016: Muslim leaders around the world, and especially in Malaysia, need to refrain from further stirring up their followers wrote a former politician in a blog post condemning radicalization.

“It’s about time Muslims around the world, and especially in Malaysia, start taking responsibility for the growing madness where innocent civilians are killed by suicide bombers. It’s not enough to say Islam is this and that because these suicide bombers are also doing it for Islam,” wrote former law minister Zaid Ibrahim in his blog post July 11.

“They must tell these young warriors to cool down, that the world is busy doing its own thing, and not necessarily attacking Islam, just because Islam forbids and disproves some of the things they like doing,” he wrote.

In his blog post the prominent Malaysian lawyer asked Muslim leaders to cease both anti-West rhetoric and talk about enemies of Islam.

They instead need to look at how Muslim youth are being educated.

“The world wants to live in peace. Muslim leaders and the Muftis must tell the young warriors that the crusades against the West were over 700 years ago,” he wrote.

“I suggest these Muslims start becoming scientists and philanthropist to save the world, and the Muftis start raising money from potential donors to find cures for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Do something useful instead of waging a new crusade.”

– ucan

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2 Responses to “Muslim leaders need to take ‘responsibility’ for radicalization”
  1. Francis Eruthianathan says:

    Zaid Ibrahim is one of the few voices in the wilderness in Malaysia. There are a few more like the former Prime Minister’s daughter…… Marina Mahathir; but their voices too are being drowned out by the radical Muslims who are hell bent on polarizing the other main ethnic groups (Chinese, Indians). I fear the worst for my beloved country in the months and years to come. God Help Us!

  2. SHASHI MINZ says:

    why do we opt to choose islam as our faith ; it is because of the equality and brotherhood in letter and in spirit they share with all ;it is the misguided youth who have no future to look forward to who are being used by men and women possessed bythe evil spirit to become human bombs .in islam , law goes before grace muhamad said in sura al -fatir 35;21 and 30 and surs hud 11;114 and sura al-maida 5;45 law is the foundation of islam and the law must be satisfied ;the islamic world lives under the law . it encompasses their entire life in this world and the next . jesus taught a different way of life from accusing demands and oppressive burdens of the law.hence through jesus one need not live no longer under the law but in grace .god himself is the law because he said , be ye holy , for i am holy god made himself the standard when he spoke to abraham ;i am the almighty god ,walk before me and be blameless .the law of god thus gives us all the grace and the wisdom to adjust our lives according to the blessings of god and in additio the holy spirit enlightens us to the blessingsn to recognize our sin and leads us to humility ,brokenness and complete awareness of our total spiritual bankruptcy before god our father .

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