Muslims’ own English media must: Intellectuals

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MediaNew Delhi, November 29, 2011: Some Muslim intellectuals, media persons, educationists and social activists gathered here from eight states to discuss one-point agenda: Need and Importance of English Media. At the end of the meeting, they were unanimous on the urgent need of Muslims’ own English media to ensure the community’s voice reach the government and society alike both in India and the world. A businessman from Andhra Pradesh, the soul behind the meeting, assured that a Muslim English daily will be in the market till 2014 and funds will not come in the way.

Taking part in the discussion, Umar Khan from West Bengal said: “If we want our voice reaches the nook and corner of India and the world, we need English media. Today English media is spreading misunderstandings about Muslims and as Muslims do not have English media, no effective answer is being given.” He further said that Urdu media was till now in the hands of Muslims but now non-Muslim industrialists are buying them.

Adv Sajjad, Madhya Pradesh SDPI president said: “We do not have any media to send our message to ministers, rulers and leaders. So, before jumping into politics, we should first step into media because without it we cannot succeed in politics.”

Senior journalist Pervez Bari highlighted the importance of alternative media besides English paper.

Urdu Journalist and Columnist Abid Anwar in his opening speech said that the need of an English media had been felt by Muslims for long. “Today when media is playing an important role in every field its importance has just got manifold.” He said if Muslims had English media and strong Muslim media they would not have faced so many problems and not got the stigma of terrorism. “If you have to put your voice strongly and effectively you will have to take the help of English media. Alternative media like is playing an important role. We need more English media like that.

Convenor of the program Shaikh Abdur Rahman who has a dream to bring out an English daily, said, “There has been effort for an English paper in the past but the dream never came true. It takes huge funds for a paper but we do not have such problem.” He assured that before 2014, an English daily will be in the market. He also announced an award of Rs one lakh for one who suggests good name of the English daily and it is accepted.

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