Barnabas Edit: Muslims take stand against Islamic violence; call for aid fund

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Two British Muslims have been jailed for the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby

Two British Muslims have been jailed for the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby

UK, February 27, 2014: In the wake of the sentencing yesterday of two British Muslims for the bloodthirsty and brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby on the streets of London, it is worth noting that there are other Muslims taking a courageous stand against violence practised by Muslims. A particular example is Khaled Hroub, a scholar from Cambridge University.

Dr Hroub has addressed the issue of Islamic violence against non-Muslims and also the hollow defence offered by many Muslims to try to protect their religion. He goes so far as to call for the creation of a special Muslim fund to provide aid for the victims of Muslim violence.

Below are as series of quotations from an article by Dr Hroub in Al-Ayyam, the Palestinian Authority daily newspaper (30 September 2013).1 He is to be much applauded for his courage. Our hope and prayer must be that his example will influence the House of Islam and turn them away from violence to become – as they claim – a religion of peace.

“Where is moderate Islam, and where are moderate Muslims, in light of the actions of a criminal minority that affiliates itself with them and carries out shameful terror acts in the name of their religion? We have lost track of the terrorist acts carried out by groups that morphed into multiple other groups. Terrorist acts are carried out in the name of the religion and jihad, and with their actions the perpetrators are staining all those with ties to Arabs or Muslims.

“Defending ourselves verbally, and attempting to present theories on our religion’s tolerance, its [capacity for] coexistence, and its past – which is a legacy for the generations – will neither convince nor compensate any mother who has seen her children murdered in front of her by mujahideen bullets. They will also neither convince nor compensate any orphaned child, or any of the dozens of wounded, or any of the families of those murdered or tortured, or any of the [men or] women violated in the ‘heat of battle.’

“Words cannot contradict action, and we cannot put out the fires caused by the terrorism of these groups that are burning up the overall image of the Muslims with statements stressing that we are [actually] good. [Such statements] are meaningless [in the face of] the blood of the slaughtered innocents. [Such statements] are a naïve, even an impudent, attempt to alleviate the pain.”

“The Muslim majority, headed by the Arabs, as leaders and founders of the so-called ‘Islamic terror,’ must respond to Islamic terror in a concrete way, not just with words. This majority, the intellectuals and shapers of opinion, must toil day and night to come up with ways for presenting the other Islam – the moderate Islam – to the world, to people, and to the casualties of the acts of terror perpetrated by the radical groups.

“It is our duty to establish an Islamic Public Fund for Compensating Victims of Terror. Its main task would be to reach out to all those harmed by the criminal actions attributed to jihad and Islam, to provide them with moral and humanitarian support, to show solidarity with them, and to compensate them monetarily for their loss of life and property.”

– dr. patrick sookhdeo

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