Naga mothers asked to fight Satan worship

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Christian leaders said there were more than 3,000 Satan worshippers in the capital Kohima alone and the cult was spreading like “wildfire.”

Devil WorshipNagaland, June 27, 2013: The role of mothers in fighting to save their teenage children from satanic worshippers was a concern discussed during a seminar of Nagaland Catholic Association (NCWA) this week.

The prime role of Catholic mothers is to strengthen their children with sound knowledge of their Christian faith without which they easily fall prey to disoriented life, some of them even being in danger of exposure to seductions by the devil to satanic worship, the seminar stressed.

Being aware of the fact that the family is the first school for a child, the mothers want to ensure that their children are well grounded at least in basic knowledge of their faith.

They want their children to be saved only by Jesus Christ instead of being allured and finally destroyed forever by the crafty and subtle deceiver known as the “devil.”

Christian leaders in the state began “crusade” in April in a bid to stop teenagers and youths from allegedly practising Satan worship, a local media report said.

Reverend Zotuo Kiewhuo, senior pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church told a newspaper in April that there were more than 3,000 Satan worshippers in the capital Kohima alone and the cult was spreading like “wildfire”. These are mostly teenagers and youth.

He said the cult was practised by youths in schools and colleges and it has been going on for the past four to five years. The Baptist clergyman said youngsters have imbibed the culture through social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

“There is an identity crisis among our youths and thus being led to such practices.”

Rev. Shan Kikon, senior pastor and founder of Faith Harvest Church, said he was not sure about the number of Satan worshippers has come across even a Class VI student practising Satan worship.”

He said teenagers and youths were easily influenced by the alien culture through social websites and friends. Several parents have come to him to rescue their children from such practices, he added.

The “crusade” organizers said that “dark forces was sweeping Kohima and there was an unseen warfare wrecking societies, institutions, families and the hopes and cultures of generations with moral corruption.”

The June 22-24 seminar of the Catholic association comes against this background. The seminar held at Kohima Village discussed the topic: role of women in imparting faith in the family and society.

Alhou-ii Albina, was the resource person for the 50 participants at the seminar. Father Mhabemo Mathew, spiritual director and Sister Sandra, women co-coordinator of the association helped organize the program.

Association president Annie Kath said the seminar ignited the participants to organize faith-related seminars in their own areas to help them grow in, live out and share faith with others.

– the morung express / the telegraph

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