Naghmeh to CPAC: ‘Iran must know where we stand’

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Saeed Abedini is seen with his familyU.S., March 02, 2015: Christians around the world have been praying for Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American imprisoned for his faith in Iran. His wife, Naghmeh, is in the U.S. capital this weekend to raise awareness of her husband’s situation and to appeal to government leaders to continue working for his release.

“My question is – as I’m proud to see my husband stand up for his faith in the face of evil – how are we standing up for him? Is his country standing up for him? What kind of message are we sending to the world while we continue to negotiate while Iran continues to abuse one of our own, an American pastor?” Naghmeh asked in an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Saturday.

Naghmeh said the world is watching America to see if its leaders will stand up to protect religious freedom.

“While we’re speaking with Iran, Iran needs to know where we stand on religious freedom issues. If we don’t address what’s going on across the world – it will be something we will have to deal with here. And we’re seeing we’re losing our religious freedom here,” she said. “When we don’t act, when we don’t speak, we’re doing the same things that the persecutors are doing. When we don’t speak in the face of evil we’re doing the evil ourselves.”

Naghmeh said America needs to turn from its current ways and repent, so God will heal the land.

“This nation is blessed because of our foundation on Jesus Christ. It is my prayer we will turn our eyes back to Jesus, and get back to our core value of religious freedom,” she said. “I ask you to partner with me and my family as we stand up for religious freedom across the globe. Educate yourself about religious persectuion, pray for the persecuted and continue to speak out.”

“It’s time to bring our American pastor home. He’s been there long enough.”

She spoke more with CBN News about what to expct and what progress is being made on her husband’s behalf.

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