Nepal, Christian parties united in local elections: the first after 19 years

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Nepal, March 10, 2017: For the first popular elections in 19 years, Nepal’s four Christian parties of have agreed to form a joint coalition in the upcoming local elections of May 14. They are: the Janajagaran Party, the Rastriaya Mukti Andolan Party, both already registered on the electoral roll; the People’s Party and the PA. Christian Party, formally Awaiting enrollment.

The goal is to have more weight in the political scene of the country, where all the parties are campaigning.  Speaking to AsiaNews Pastor Lokmani Dhakal, president of Janajagaran Party, says: “We want to give voice to Jesus Christ through elections. In this way we can reach all voters in the name of Jesus. “

This month the government in Kathmandu set the date of local elections. The country has great expectations but also many tensions, which have led to serious clashes between the madhese minority and police officers.

According to the president of the PA. Christian Party, “the divisions do not give a positive message. We are still a minority, and if we do present ourselves as divided we will not do justice to the Christian voice in this country. Thus, unification is necessary, we must not turn away from the path of God. ”

Jayawanta Bikram Shah, leader of the Rastriya Mukti Andolan Party and coordinator of the coalition process, reports that the parties “are very close to union. Many issues have already been resolved and there are only two problems to solve. They relate to who should lead the coalition and what the name and the symbol for the elections will be “. As for the symbol on the ballot, the parties have asked to insert the cross and the name of Christ, and are awaiting the decision of the Board of Supervisors.

Č.B. Gahatraj, president of the National Christian Federation (which includes five Christian religious organizations), declares: “We are pleased with this unification. We have always been of the opinion that the collective support and the joint efforts help to reach people and to spread [the] message of Jesus Christ. “

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