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Young Christian Killed and Beheaded by Jihadists in Syria

Christians in SyriaOn January 8, 2014 two Christian young men Firas Nader (29), and Fadi Matanius Mattah (34) driving from the city of Homs to a Christian village were attacked by a group of jihadists who opened fire on their car. After seeing a cross worn by Fadi, they pulled him out and beheaded him. Firas, believed to be dead was left after the Jihadists looted the car.  He was able to reach a nearby town and receive treatment. This is just the latest incident illustrating the horrific shadow war on Christians taking place inside the large-scale conflict across Syria that has attracted thousands of foreign fighters from around the world.

  • Pray for the comfort of Fadi Mattah’s family during this time
  • Pray the international community will realize the gravity of the rising persecution of Christians in Syria
  • Pray for the safety and protection of Christians who are being singled out and attacked for their faith

14 Year-Old Christian Girl Abducted And Forcefully Converted To Islam In Pakistan

1/14/2014 Pakistan (Pakistan Gender News)

Pakistan ChristianA 14 year-old Christian girl (name withheld) was forced to marry and convert to Islam after being abducted by a fellow student, Abdullah Shafi. The girl and her mother were threatened separately with dire consequences if they were to speak against him and his family. Both did not remain silent resulting in the arrest and imprisonment of Shafi for abduction under section 365-B Pakistan’s Penal Code. Though the Bhatti family succeeded where so few have in retrieving their daughter, they are planning to leave their beloved homeland due to fears of further attacks.

  • Pray for the safety and strength of all the young girls that have been abducted
  • Pray this family receives spiritual healing wherever their path leads them
  • Pray lawmakers will produce more protective legislation for religious minorities

Muslim Brotherhood Keeps Copts From Polling Stations, Attacks Coptic Homes in Minya Village

1/14/2014 Egypt (Mideast News)

Egypt ChristiansMuslim Brotherhood members were out in force on Tuesday, January 14th trying to prevent Coptic Christians in the villages of Upper Egypt, Reida and Bani Ahmed of Minya, from accessing the polls to vote in Egypt’s constitutional referendum. The members attacked the homes of the Coptics with stones and insults as well as the armed security forces guarding the polls, which resulted in 25 arrests and the Copts continued with their voting.

  • Pray our wonderful God will continue to give the Copts strength
  • Pray our fellow Christians will continue to receive aid and protection from authorities
  • Pray for peace and safety for all Christians in Egypt

Refugees in Central African Republic Struggle To Survive

1/14/2014 Central African Republic (Charisma News)

Refugees in Central African RepublicAid agencies estimate 1 million people have been displaced into refugee camps by violence in Central African Republic where Open Doors co-worker (name withheld) found the conditions for the refugees to be ‘shocking’, ‘tense’, ‘living like animals’ and ‘over-crowded’. The U.N. Humanitarian Agency has reported food and water shortages fearing hard times for many. Despite the poor living conditions and living in fear; especially from the anti-Balaka and Muslim extremists still attacking, these Christians continue to gather and worship. Will newly appointed interim president, Alexandre-Ferdinand Nguendet, make a difference, after he issued this stern warning to ex-Seleka fighters and to anti-Balaka: “The chaos is over, the pillaging is over, the revenge attacks are over.”

  • Pray for the end of violence and persecution in all of Africa
  • Pray for the spiritual and physical healing of all displaced
  • Pray the newly appointed interim president will follow through with his warning and bring peace to all

Construction Blocked On Five Churches In Sumatra, Indonesia

1/13/2014 Indonesia (AsiaNews)

Indonesia ChristiansAt least five Christian churches have been forced to halt construction since December 16, 2013 due to blockades imposed by local authorities, and mounting pressure from Islamic extremists. The cause of the most recent blockade in the district of Bungo is claimed to be ‘due to the lack of a building permit’, and ‘in line of the law’. Though ‘in line of the law’, Christian related construction can take five to ten years to obtain the proper permits, and in addition to this, they must receive permission from local residents and local group for Interfaith Dialogue.

  • Pray local authorities and residents will rise above intolerance, and aid our fellow Christians
  • Pray our brothers and sisters have sanctuary and guidance
  • Pray these churches will be built and reopened with strength in numbers
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