ICC: Persecution in Sweden, Iran, Syria, Iraq & China

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Christian Pastor and Two Friends Arrested in Iran

Three Christians, including Pastor Matthias Haghnejad, have been arrested again by Iranian security forces, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has confirmed. “These men have been targeted by the Iranian authorities in the past, they were clearly arrested on account of their faith,” Chief Executive of CSW Mervyn Thomas said. American pastor Saeed Abedini remains in jail in Iran for developing home church centers.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a Community Waits for Meriam with Open Arms

Meriam Ibrahim, a mother of two and wife to American citizen, Daniel Wani, continues to be barred, along with her family, from leaving Sudan after being acquitted from a death sentence for her Christian faith. “I don’t really know what’s going to happen to us,” Meriam Ibrahim told CNN. A community of South Sudanese refugees in Manchester, New Hampshire are also waiting for the family’s safe travel and arrival. “We can’t wait to see them,” said community member Zakaria Aging.

People Praying

Christians in Syria, Iraq Fleeing Attacks and Crucifixions

Christians in Syria and Iraq are facing more upheaval as ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) expelled nearly 30,000 residents from their homes in the Syrian town of Shuheil, and crucified at least nine people. “In ten years there will perhaps be 50,000 Christians left in Iraq. Prior to 2003, this figure was about 1.2 million. This is very serious, we are losing our community,” Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako said.

People Praying

China: Christianity Faces Its Biggest Persecution Since Mao’s Cultural Revolution?

According to China Aid, since the beginning of 2014, 60 churches in Zhejiang province have received notice that either their crosses or their buildings must be demolished regardless if it’s a government-approved church. Christians in China have not seen such sustained persecution since the Cultural Revolution. “The fear now is, the government will turn its attention to the house churches,” said Pastor Joy, a member of the evangelical network in China.

Sweden: Christian Midwife Fired for Refusal to Perform Abortions

Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers (SHRL) has filed suit against the Swedish government for Christian mid-wife Ellinor Grimmark, who was fired for refusing to perform abortions. According to LifeNews, Reinhold Fahlbeck of SHRL said, “if brought to the European Court of Human Rights, Sweden will lose.  The European council allows freedom of conscience for health care workers regarding abortion.”

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