Newspaper evangelism makes inroads for hope in Nepal

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AMG NepalNepal, December 13, 2011: Christians are approximately four percent of the population. 

Recent upheaval in the country has been disruptive for ministries, especially in light of changed penal codes, and failed efforts to draft a new Constitution.

However, AMG International has found one way to present the hope of truth to people, in spite of what chaos might be wreaking havoc in Nepal: Newspaper evangelism.

This method is particularly effective in predominantly Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries. A newspaper enters many homes where Christians might never be allowed to enter. By placing Gospel messages as paid advertisements in local newspapers around the world, the ministry can give the good news of the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of people who may have no other opportunity to learn about Christ.

In other countries, where such ads would not be allowed, AMG often places a more general message such as: “Would you like to know real peace?” or “Are you lonely? Let us tell you about a friend who will never leave you.”

To those who respond to the ads, AMG’s team sends a Bible and Bible correspondence courses. They also encourage respondents to begin attending church and to continue to study the Bible.

AMG’s ad appeared in a magazine with a circulation of 45,000 copies. There were 775 responses over a seven-month period, and through the correspondence and follow up, 233 people made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. More than half of those are now engaged in further Bible study.

People are the same everywhere. They all occasionally suffer from loneliness, anger, fear, and grief. In countries where the love of Christ is not known, these hurting people need a friend who will guide them to Christ and comfort them and give eternal hope. This is the goal of newspaper evangelism and the follow-up ministry.

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