Odisha: Christians Killed in Fake Encounters. Falsely Branded as Maoists / Naxalites

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OdishaThis is sad tales where the police killed all the five christians on a point blank they have had gone on motorbikes; one day before the incident to a place; some say trapped by police and otherwise.. The state administration and the media played its role too project them hardcore naxalites…caught up between police and naxals… There is a story..where falsely brand some people as naxals and ask them to surrender so that they would get money while police officials get promotions and rewards….

A Salesian Brother speaks of the tragic death of his brother and 4 other Christians

I am a Salesian brother from the province of Hyderabad, studying first year of philosophy in Don Bosco Vishwajyothi Philosophate, Karunapuram, Warangal, Andhrapradesh.. I am originally from Odisha from village called Mardiponka, Post Saramuli, Kandhamal district belonging to the diocese of Cuttak Bhubaneswar. The purpose of sending this document to you is to bring to your notice about the tragic death of my elder brother by name Ghasiram Bagsingh who was shot by CRP along with four men without any reason.

I am giving you brief details.

Sarpanch of our panchayat by name Karma Majhi is the dealer who sells ration rice to the locality. As far as his duty concerned he suppose to give to the people what ever comes from the Government but in reality he is selling away secretly the store and telling the innocent people no stock. It has been taking place number of times. People in their innocence went to my brother by name Ghasiram Gagsingh, a well known person in the locality always fights for justice and he was also a member of Chairmen council of Daringobadi Block and asked him to do something for them. all the people gathered together with my brother went to police station to fail a case against the Sarpanch for cheating the people. The police responded immediately and arrested him. Later they had a rally in the block in the presence of B.D.O and Thasildari made them known about the incident. It was recorded and kept for proof. Mean while the sarpanch got bail and gave a complaint to the Naxalites about my brother and four other innocent men. The sarpanch also filed a case against the opposition party but purposely he did not include my brother’s name.  After all these things taken place the Naxalites gave a letter to my brother telling him to come for meeting in the place called Bhaliaguda, forest area. The Nature of the Naxalites of this place is that nobody should know what is happening in the place other than the people concerned. If at all the news is leaked they would come and kill the person responsible. The other way naxalites call the leader to find out what exactly has happened and take actions necessary.

Real incident

By looking at the incident what we understand is that the sarpanch is one who informed the naxalite to have the meeting with my brother and at the same time he also informed to the police about the meeting.  The police immediately went to the place where meeting is conducted and shot all five without even having a word with them whether they are really Naxalites or Maoists. The media went to the incident place and enquired the naxalites about the incident they said that they had not organized any meeting with anybody. Now the question is whether they were shot on their way to the meeting spot or on their return journey or just called and shot. These questions remain unanswered. But if you look at it whole incident it is pre planned or arranged by the sarpanch of the village. The bodies were taken to the police station and the families of those persons were really terrified and frightened to ask for the bodies because there was public noise that they died as encountered Maoists. Somehow we had grappled all our courage and got the bodies back. This is the about the incident.

About my brother’s family

He was married to Laxmi and had four children: two boys and two girls studying in different hostels aging from 9 to 3 years. His wife is house wife. Now I am in dilemma what to do about them. I am in the seminary. I am only male at home. I have five sisters of whom two married and three are studying in hostels high schools and college. My family needs financial support very badly. We have filled case in the high court for the compensation and to get justice done for the family and people as well and we too had rally wherein people shouted slogans in order to get justice. So far nothing has happened. So I request you to do something for this petition. For the more information could you send me your mobile no so that I can elucidate clearly. Kindly do the needful.

– brother pramod
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