Delhi prayer meeting attacked *Pastor, believer arrested in Madhya Pradesh

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Mr. A C Michael, Member of Delhi Minority Commission

Mr. A C Michael, the Christian representative on the Delhi Minority Commission

Delhi, March 15, 2012: The CSF has taken up the following issue of Hindutva extremists attacking prayer meetings in the heart of the national capital with the authorities. AC Michael, the Christian representative on the Delhi Minorities Commission has assured that the same will be taken up and culprits brought to book. Please pray for all the believers, who are bravely standing up for the faith, especially Rev. Bobby, his wife and co-pastors, besides Bro Jagdish and women believers, who refused to deny the Lord and put up a fight against the fundamentalists.

On 12th  March, 2012, our fellowship’s area leader, Bro. Jagdish Dey was conducting weekly prayer meeting at the residence of one of our believer in B- 605, Bhoomi Heen Camp, Govindpuri, Near DDA Flats, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019. In the meeting there were 6 ladies and few children. About the close of the meeting at few men came to the door of the house as if to listen to the sermon but soon started to click pictures with their camera, to which no one suspected. As soon as the final prayer was said, the Bajrang Dal activists (complete strangers and not from the close neighborhood) walked into the house and got hold of the brother and dragged him out claiming that they were Bajrang Dal activists. There were over 30 men who were standing outside and with the intention to manhandle our brother and they had lethal weapons with them. As the ladies came and surrounded the brother they could not harm him, but instead they called the police. He was taken to the police station.

On getting a call I along with my co-pastor Rev. Jobby Prasannan, rushed to the police station. We found that the Bajrang Dal had brought in false witnesses to give statements, that has no relevance to our doctrines or teachings and have openly threatened with dire consequences. At about 2 A.M the interrogating police officer let us go after he took in writing from Bro. Jagdish in a plain A4 sheet, under pressure from the Bajrang Dal activist (there were about 50 men who were standing outside the police station), that he will not go to that house and conduct meetings. 

Further, On the next day13th March, the ladies meeting was being held and few ladies from that locality had gathered in a house of a believer, as usual every Tuesdays from 3 to 5 pm. My wife Pastor. Blessy Bobby was leading the meeting and only ladies were present, when few men came and opened the door of the house and threatened them. They left when the sisters protested. The names of people identified as Bajrang Dal activists who were involved are Mr.Papu, Deepu, Bittoo, Sanjay, Rakesh and Pankaj. These were the men who were leading the attack, arguing and threatening openly even before the police personals.

We are in fear of violent activities and even threat to the lives of our brethren, who are living in that locality. We request you to kindly keep the our believers in prayer for God’s divine protection upon them.

– rev. dr. bobby chellappan

Pastor & believer arrested in Madhya Pradesh


Pastor and christians arrestedMadhya Pradesh, March 13, 2012: Madhya Pradesh police on 11 March arrested a pastor and one believer after Hindu extremists disrupted the Sunday worship in Multai, Betul district of Madhya Pradesh.

According to EFI correspondent, Dr. Victor Choudhrie, the extremists allegedly from the Bajrang Dal, at about 11 am barged into the worship meeting of a house church, stopped the meeting and accused Pastor Motilal Gujare of forceful conversion. Gujare’s brother, a staunch Hindu extremist reportedly instigated the local extremists to attack the worship service conducted by his brother.

Multai Town police soon arrived and arrested Pastor Motilal Gujare and one believer, Prakash Masih under Sections 298 for uttering, words with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person and various sections of the Indian Penal Code. The Christians were sent to jail and efforts are in process to get the Christians out on bail.

– efi

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