Orissa: Police Atrocity on Tribals and a Social Justice Workshop for Clergy

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Social Teaching for Priests and Nuns

Social Teaching for Priests and Nuns

The workshop on Catholic Social Teaching for a Just Odisha was organized by CBCI Office for Justice, Peace and Development, New Delhi and Odisha Forum for Social Action (OROSA), Bhubaneswar between 14 and 15 February 2013 at Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The objective of this workshop was to educate the priests and nuns on Catholic social teaching to join hands with other civil society groups for promoting justice and peace in Odisha for a better and just Odisha. Around 85 participants both priest and nuns from 5 dioceses took part effectively and involved in the process and discussion till the end. The facilitators of the workshop were namely Fr. Charles Irudayam, Secretary, CBCI-JPDO, New Delhi; Mrs. Lalita Mishal, NAOW, Bhubaneswar; Sr. Justine, SJM, Bhuabaneswar; Mr. Dhirendra Panda, Secretery, CSNR, Bhubaneswar; Mr. Jugal Kishore Ranjit, Human Rights Activist; and Fr. Ajay, the director of OROSA.

The workshop was inaugurated by his grace, Archbishop John Barwar of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar  Odisha. In his inaugural address he asked the participants to interiorize Catholic social teaching and live it out through their social activism. He insisted that the knowledge of Catholic social teaching is essential today for the catholic social activists to respond to social issues in their effort to bring justice and peace. He also pointed out that “the Social Teaching of the Church has a formative value as it aims to uphold and restore human dignity”. Fr. Charles Irudayam highlighted the historical development and the principles of Catholic social teaching that urges Catholics to respond to the signs and the challenges of the time and to enter into social activism. With concrete examples and data, the other facilitators stressed the importance of human rights mechanism, gender sensitivity, human trafficking, minority rights, budget allocation, etc. In their action plan the diocesan directors of social works decided to strengthen the regional network and to plan for similar workshops in the diocesan level inviting the priests, religious and lay faithful of their dioceses. They also resolved to network with other regional, national and international groups to work for a just Odisha.

The Catholic Social Teaching workshop in Bhubaneswar is the second of a series of two-day workshops on Catholic Social Teaching that the JPD Office has planned to organize in different parts of India, in order to commemorate the fiftieth year of the Vatican Council II. Such workshops would help generate a new breed of Christian leaders who vivify civil society and its structures with the leaven of the Gospel, the JPD Office hopes.

– fr. charles irudayam

Odisha Police Atrocity on Tribals – Three including a child admitted

odisha tribalsOrissa, February 15, 2013: As per reports, On 15th February 2013 night, police from Badagad (District Ganjam) police station, came to village Thatanchara and forced their way into houses of 3 tribal and 2 non-tribal poor families. They picked up Jatho Mandal, Junas Mandal, Daud Gomango, Simanto Dalabehera, and Kornail Raita.

After torture and questioning, Jatho Mandal, Junas Mandal and Daud Gomango were released early the next morning. They returned to their village and informed others of the incident and that two other persons are still being tortured. Information of atrocities of police spread through the villages and soon a large number of people – about 400 gathered on road at village Sarangipalli and engaged in ‘rasta roko”. By afternoon, police initiated a “peace committee meeting” after which the police released the remaining two persons also from their custody.

By that then the conditions of both tribals had become bad and they had to be rushed for treatment to the Medical College at Berhampur. Kornail Raita is aged about 50 years and is father of 3 daughters and a son all aged between 9 and 18 years. Simanto Dalabehera is aged about 42 years and is father of a daughter aged 12 yrs and a son aged 4 years. While breaking open into house of Dalabehera his child’s hand was stamped upon by policemen, causing grievous hurt. His child’s hand was fractured and is also being treated at Medical college.

– Bro k j markose


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