Padma Bhushan David Frawley points out Christian Missionaries’ assault on Hindu Dharma

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India, September 28, 2016:  Author of ‘Shiva, the Lord of Yoga’ and thirty other books- Dr. David Frawley talks about the missionary assault on Hindu dharma in his recent article in Hindu Post. The Padma Bhushan awardee believes, Christian acceptance of religious freedom is mainly to allow their freedom to convert others and does not include any true respect for other traditions.

He says, “As a western Hindu critic of Christian theology, I have often been criticized, including by some Hindus, for my statements against Christianity, including Christian missionary efforts. I have been called a hardline or fundamentalist Hindu for questioning prime Christian dogmas like salvation by belief, Jesus as the only Son of God, or suggesting that Christian charities can be a mask for conversion activities.”

Dr. David Frawley’s perspective about Christians is criticized by liberal Hindus who believe all religions are one and they all have the same goal, so each and every religion should be honored and not criticized. Some even state that Jesus was a saint or yogi, and many exalted Christian mystics and New Age Christians believe in karma and rebirth.

But, Frawley considers the thinking to be narrow and naïve which misses the reality of missionary conversion activity that is going on in the world, especially in India.

He believes, Hindus in India are perhaps the main target of the global missionary movement and they use the money, media, and even false allures for conversation. They are well-funded missionaries from America, Catholic Church, and mainstream Protestant groups from European countries. The missionaries’ assault on other religions includes Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs.

He further said, “As long as Christians unleash their missionary warriors against Hindus, Hindus must counter them and expose their wrong beliefs. Christians cannot talk about religious harmony and respect while setting their missionary armies upon the world. Their mentality is not one of honoring the Divine in all, but of promoting a well-funded and determined conversion agenda for one point of view only.”

Dr. David Frawley (Pandit  Vamadeva Shastri) D. Litt., is a western born teacher or guru in the Vedic tradition.

– newsgram

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One Response to “Padma Bhushan David Frawley points out Christian Missionaries’ assault on Hindu Dharma”
  1. Sr. Mabilia says:

    In the first place, I request Christian Dr. Davis Frawley to practice His faith in spirit and in truth. Then let him take a different name other than David,since he is accusing proclamamtion of the Good News by the Christians. I have nothing vs his research on Hinduism. I respect Hinduism but let not Dr. David accuse others, rather, point a finger at himself and live his faith authentically!

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