Pakistani Christian acquitted from case arrested during Christmas services

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Pakistani ChristianPakistan, December 26, 2011: Punjab police entered in  a Church during Christmas Services  and handcuffed Amanat Masih  on charges of blasphemy
again who was acquitted from charges from Lahore High Court in year 2010, after serving 3 years term in jail.

Amanat Masih, 45, a resident of village of Nabi Pur Virkan in the district of Sheikhupura, was arrested on charges of desecrating and setting on fire pages of the Quran on March 23, 2007, as an offence under section 295-B with the police station in the Factory Area of Sheikhupura

The family of Amanat Masih left their native village on fear of attack from complainant and influential Muslim landlord Qaiser Mohammad and took refuge in city of Lahore.

Qaiser  Mohammad kept searching family member of Amanat Masih to punish them while he was serving his life sentence on blasphemy charges in Sheikhupura district jail.

The Sheikhupura District Jail is same notorious jail where Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five, sentenced to death on blasphemy charges is waiting for decision on her appeal in Lahore High Court.

After release of Amanat Masih from jail he moved with his family in Lahore but on November 04, 2011, Qaiser Mohammad with his group kidnapped his son Shahzad Masih and his wife Rukhsana Bibi and forced to convert to Islam and demanded Amanat Masih to surrender to village elders for punishment in release of his son and his wife.

The authorities responded to demands made by “World Vision in Progress”, securing the release of the young married couple who fled to hiding.

The WVIP, Talking with Pakistan Christian Post PCP today said that when Amanat  Masih along with family was attending the Christmas service, as he came out of Church he was arrested by police with the same charges of Blasphemy Law.

The lawyers of WVIP and some other NGOs approached police station and rescued Amanat Masih by showing his previous documents that he was falsely accused under Blasphemy law in 2007 and after 3 years he was free from the jail. Lawyers have proven that the Complainer is falsely accusing him again. The Station House Officer (SHO) Abrar Shah released Amanat Masih from back door, because there were hundreds of Muslims were outside of Police station.

Currently Amanat is again moved to some safe place.

– bosco martyres

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