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Rajasthan, August 21, 2017: An Indian Pastor was severely beaten amid a Gospel outreach in Dabli Rathan the largest village in Hanumangarh District, Rajasthan. Amid the attack his better half was additionally slapped and his team were likewise beaten by extremist from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) a known Hindu fundamentalist group in India.

India Pastor Naresh Paul talked with Pastor Harjot Sethi of Christ Power Ministry Society is the fundamental focus of the attack. Minister Harjot expains the accident and disclosed that men armed with metal poles and large, thick wooden sticks had joined visitors to the outreach. They wait until Pastor Harjot began to talk and after that launched an attack on the organizing team and Pastor Harjot they additionally slapped his wife Arvinderjot Sethi several times however she figured out how to escape and ran to the local police station.

The men appeared intent to killing the Pastor Harjot and made him the primary concentration of the attack. Pastor Harjot sustained serious wounds to his head and has broken his leg However huge numbers of the men in the church intervened and secured the battered Pastor and even helped Police capture four men who have been arrested and distinguished as member from RSS.Only the quick thinking of his wife prevented a fatality as the hindu extremists who attacked Pastor Harjot seemed intent on murder witnesses have stated. Pastor Harjot’s mom addressed, she stated:

“My Son was simply sharing God’s message of hope through accepting Christ our Lord and Saviour. The hooligans waited for him to start speaking and rushed to kill him. They were armed with weapons and were beating him hard and any others that tried to stop the violence. I was terrified and had to watch from afar unable to do anything.

“I feared for his life but God protected my son who survived the vicious attack despite being hit on his head with thick metal poles. I praise God for his mercy and protection.”

Despite the capture of the attackers and the link with RSS proven few believe that the perpetrators of the violence will be prosecuted. In past comparative incidents RSS radicals have escaped justice through their network of infiltrators into all Government and statutory establishments. Police were even at first uncooperative with Pastor Harjot and needed to just end the fighting and allow the RSS opponents to go free. Minister Harjot, stated:

“I thought I would die these men came rushing at me as soon as I started speaking and I was hit on the head. I passed out temporarily which only excited the RSS goons more I am told. The attackers started beating me more intensely whilst I was on the floor.

Initially the police seemed to only want to restore peace and were reticent to take action against the perpetrators. So my colleagues asked me to produce videos about the attack and we shared them on social media to galvanise support for justice.

“Christian’s in India are suffering an increasing amount of animosity since the BJP regime secured victory in the national elections of 2014. Life is becoming increasingly untenable and we pray for change to come.”

Concerted pressure by Christian lobbyists and a public demonstration the men to be indicted however has constrained the hand of apathetic police.

Pastor Harjot lives in Jalandhar and was sympathetically was kindly collected from the hospital by the youth team of a local Catholic church from Jalandhar who drove him the 10 hours journey to his home today. The attack has made great outrage on the Christian community across India who are requesting for equity to be served for the beleaguered victims of this unprovoked attack.

Attacks on Christians are led by Hindu nationalists acting largely with impunity a growing concern since the election of President Narendra Modi in 2014. A little more than 2% of the nation’s populace is Christian, and almost 80% of Indians are Hindu.

Since the election of Modi national and provincial authorities tacitly permit persecution of a deprived Christians in India. Religious patriots feel enabled under Modi who as a teenager joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh a known Hindu fascist group whose fundamental point is to transform India into a Hindu superpower and whose most revered alumni is Nathuram Godse the fanatic who assassinated Ghandi.

Mr Modi’s political party Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) once called a three-day strike after alleging Pakistan’ secret services were responsible for the death of 58 Hindu pilgrims in a burning train carriage – a claim that was unsubstantiated. Religious patriots progressively endeavor to coercively convert non-Hindus to their predominant faith, willing to use violence at the drop of a hat, when community discrimination and non-violent oppression fail to impose their religious beliefs on minority Christians.

Christians confront enormous financial issues an outcome of decades on uninhibited persecution, many came shape lowest social class the Dalits and in that capacity have dependably been a simple focus for Hindu fundamentalists.

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