Pastor asks for prayers after house church raid

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Uzbekistan, July 30, 2017: “Last Sunday (30 July) we were raided. There were 27 of us, over 30 policemen. From my house we were all put on a bus and taken to police office. We were threatened and demanded to write explanations. The sisters [women] were [strip] searched all to their underwear. They took away three cell phones. For four-and-a-half hours we were kept there on the floor. My wife and I now face charges for possessing one children’s Bible, 32 sheets of the worship songs in Russian and Uzbek and one notepad with entries. Please pray for us and please pass on to friends.” – a letter from the pastor of a house church sent to Barnabas Fund on 2 August.

Believers in Uzbekistan – officially a secular state – can face heavy fines if they are gathered for worship in a private home and/or are found to have Christian literature. Government restrictions require churches to register but make it practically impossible for them do so, particularly Uzbek-language (i.e. ethnic Uzbek) congregations, which comprise converts from Islam and their children. Even in registered churches it is forbidden to have worship and teaching in the Uzbek language.

– barnabas persecution update

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