Andhra Pradesh: Pastor attacked in Dharmapuri

Andhra Pradesh, April 18, 2012: Pastor Ahron from Dharmapuri along with a believer Promod was attacked by RSS activists for distributing pocket calendars on Monday 16th April 11 am. While, the pastor was waiting to meet the local MLA Kople Easwar for some personal reason, the Hindu radicals noticed that the pastor was carrying the small pocket calendar. They asked pastor and forced him to part with the calendar. After receiving the small pocket calendar, they abused the pastor stating that he is converting people to Christianity in the temple town.

The RSS activists then took the pastor to Dharmapuri police station circle Inspector Mahender and registered a complaint on the basis of G.O. 746 & GO 747.

Further, on 17th April they called for a Dharmapuri local strike, demanding the pastors to be arrested & FIR to be filed, As of today they are planning to meet the circle Inspector. But the appointment is postponed for 19th April in the police station for further investigation & action on the basis of GO 746 & GO 747.(GO 746 and GO 747 issued on June 2, 2007 and the ‘Andhra Pradesh Propagation of Other Religions in the Places of Worship or Prayer (Prohibition) Act, 2007 passed by the Assembly on July 23, 2007. GO 746 has accorded a special status and dispensation to Tirumala by changing its nomenclature to ‘Tirumala Divya Kshetram’, GO 747 was issued notifying 19 Hindu temples for prohibiting propagation of other religions. They said these GOs “sidetrack and violate the fundamental rights of non-Hindu citizens and are bound to encourage more attacks by Sangh Parivar on Christians.


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