Pastor Simon Stanley & believers beaten up in Coimbatore

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CoimbatorePastor. Simon Stanley has been taking care of Apostolic Christian Church in Perur near Coimbatore City. One of his believers named Bagavathi, who was staying in a nearby village named Goundanur invited Pastor Simon to come to his house and pray for his sick girl (12 years old who had a fractured hand). The pastor visited his house on Sunday (3rd Aug. 2014, evening about 7.00 pm) with a few believers and prayed for the girl.

Suddenly about 7.30 pm, around 10 member gang came and shouted at them and 6 of them forcefully entered the house and locked the door from inside. Then they beat all the people in the house including ladies and children using even vessels and with other house hold articles which were available in the house.

Many were severely injured and taken to the local hospital. Pastor Simon Stanley was taken to the Government Hospital of Coimbatore for further treatment. He was admitted there for 3 days. Since he had many injuries CT scan was done and he is still under treatment.

An FIR was filed in Perur Police station and Sub Inspector Murugavel is conducting the investigation. Yesterday 2 people were arrested and remanded to Judicial custody by the magistrate of Coimbatore Court. The news was published in the local papers and also covered by TV news channels.


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