Patrick Saldanha, 82, passes away on 18 February 2016

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Off to a Better Place – Called by the Lord

Last week, Patrick, passed away. He was the brother of Justice Michael Saldanha and Mark Saldanha… Below here is an obituary as a tribute to his departed soul.

Rest in PeacePatrick Joachim Lawrence Saldanha, s/o Enid and John Saldanha, would have celebrated his 82nd Birthday on the 4th of March 2016.The three brothers, Patrick, Michael and Mark had met over the weekend of the 13th February which was Michael’s birthday at Mumbai. He was very well and cheerful and had insisted that they meet again on the 4th of March which was agreed upon. Patrick was a man of outstanding brilliance, drive and talent, who despite his lifelong disability with Polio, acquired more Degrees and Academic distinction than any other CA in this sub-continent, not to mention a career record that was hard to surpass. He was a man of low profile with that warm smile, never an unkind word, absolutely unruffled at all times but gifted with an irrepressible sense of humour.

Patrick was a low profile person who lived like an Indian Sadhu surrounded by his devoted staff Jagdamba and Sangeeta at his beautiful apartment on the 27th Floor of Venus Apts. at Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai. Because of his movement disability he attended Mass on Saturdays at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Colaba which was wheel-chair compatible, the last time being on 13th Feb. Over the last few months he had been troubled by recurrent abdominal discomfort which he passed off with minimal treatment. As a compensation for his Polio disability God had gifted him with abnormally good health which he inherited from his mother Enid, and had no old age ailments of any sort his humorous boast being that he had stayed far from Doctors and Hospitals for 45 years!

At 5 a.m. on Wednesday 18th Feb. Jagdamba rang up to Michael in Bangalore that Patrick was throwing-up blood. Immediately arrangements were made to rush him in an ambulance to the Hinduja Super Speciality Hospital. He had recovered quickly and was insisting in the Ambulance that there was no need for hospitalization. On reaching the Medical Centre he was rushed to the ICU as his pulse was failing. The Doctors found that he had suffered a major heammorage and a massive heart attack. Despite all efforts for 1 ½ hours he passed away at 8.15 a.m. on the morning of 18th February 2016.

A touching Funeral Service was held at the heritage Bascilica of the Sacred Heart at Santa Cruz in Mumbai attended by family, friends, associates and admirers. Touching tributes were paid to his outstanding qualities of head and heart but the highlight of the morning was the address by his globally famous brother Justice Michael Saldanha who highlighted the unusual and extra-special angles of Patrick as a man, as a professional and as a brother. His mortal remains were then cremated so that he could merge with the elements. His Atma has gone back to his creator to whom he will have, an accountant, a favourable balance sheet to present.

Michael Francis Saldanha

Brother of Justice Michael Saldanha and Mark Saldanha
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