Peaceful imam murdered in mosque; Christians fear attempt to drive them out

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Tanzania, May 26, 2016: Christians in Tanzania are witnessing escalating Islamist violence. As we reported two weeks ago, since 2013 there have been an increasing number of attacks on Churches as well as on security forces and any moderate Muslims who oppose the Islamists. In the latest incident on 19th May a moderate mosque in the Mwanza region of North West Tanzania was attacked by a group of around 20 people armed with axes, swords and a gun and carrying a black flag similar to that used by Islamic State. They ordered all the people to lie on the ground and asked for the mosque leader, Imam Feruz, before killing him and two others.

The attack appears to have happened because a few days earlier police had arrested a group of Islamists after Imam Feruz had reported that they were training to attack various targets. One eye witness reported that before killing him, the attackers asked the imam:  “why are you here while other Muslims are in jail and others are fighting the jihad?” They then killed him in front of everyone else.

Local Christians have come to the conclusion that the main aims of the attackers are to make the region a ‘no-go’ area for Christians by creating fear and causing Christians to leave so that it becomes a Muslim only area, while at the same time silencing Muslims like Imam Feruz, who are peaceful.

– barnabas team

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