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Bihar, June 11, 2014: The IET founded by Dr. P.G. Vergis pioneered the Gospel work in a remote village called Kaliyanganj in Bihar in 2010 ably assisted by Laxmi Prasad Yadav, the IET worker in Bihar. Responding to the preaching of the good news within a short time the entire village accepted Christ and now they have also constructed a prayer hall there.

Bihar ChristiansThe problem started when one of the elders died in 2012 due to illness, and the members of his extended family demanded for the body so that they could cremate the body as per Hindu rites. But this family which had come to the Lord stood their ground and did not permit it.

Consequent to that an altercation followed between the two groups and the Christians were thrashed by the Hindus. As a result, almost all the other believers in the village backslided, but this particular family stood firm and continued to follow Christ and his teachings. Sadanandan

Singh is the head of this bold family. On 25th of May, 2014, Dr. P.G. Vergis, went there for a meeting and had a blessed time. But unfortunately after his visit, the anti-Christian forces in the village went after Sadanand Singh’s family and beat up all the members of the family. They also blocked the road to his house by putting bamboos in the middle of the road. Though they went and complained about the incident to the local Panchayat chairman and the members, they did not get any justice from them.

Again a couple of days ago they came and beat up the family – even the little children and the young girls, asking them all to give up Christianity. But Sadanandan Singh and his family are very strong in their in the Lord and nobody seems to be able to shake them in their faith.

Kaliyanganj is 180 km from Siliguri and this family is putting up a bold fight for the Lord in their village. Please pray for this bold Christian family.

– gcic

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