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Evangelists intimidated in Katni, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, June 17, 2014: Two local Evangelists & few believers associated with the Katni Brethren Assembly were returning from a wedding reception and before dispersed they gathered at a believer’s home for prayer. After they finished, some group of people about 14-16 surrounded them, checked there bags, found Bible. They tore it & started abusing/thrashing them. The Christians could escape the clutches of the group. The persecuted Christians are shaken but encouraged that the Lord is with them. Kindly pray for the believers in this region as the majority of them are first-generation disciples of Christ. They are pained but continue to be strong in faith. About 50 of them desire to meet the District Collector to ask for his intervention and help.

Christian believers beaten up in Chhattisgarh

chhattisgarhMany of our believers of Sirisguda Assembly were beaten up by the villagers at 1 pm. They were not getting Govt ration since last month for not paying temple donation. Food inspector had come to check and the incident happened in front of the authorities. About 150 believers (brothers & sisters) had gone to see the Food Inspectors. The villagers had brought sticks and they started beating everyone. Believers had to run away and villagers chased and beat them. One brother was beaten very badly with lathis and became unconscious. Villagers blocked the persecuted Christians from being taken to hospital and later when police came, they were finally taken with police protection in ambulance to nearby hospital. 9 believers are admitted in Lohandiguda Hospital.”

We are deeply concerned about attacks on Christians in MP & CG. Both attacks on the members of Brethren Assembly in two states within two days comes at a time when the new Govt in India has taken charge. The peace loving Christians are always at the receiving end in all these scenarios. The believers are scared to approach police to as they fear it can backfire (possible scenario by authorities) & backlash (possible revenge attacks from the groups) Will the minorities feel safe in the new regime? Will the new Govt. stand up to the expectations of the Christian community? Can the peace loving Christians feel safe at the hands of the new regime? We the believers need to pray for peace & tranquility and also for the grace of God on the new regime. We need to pray for the safety of believers & evangelists who live & serve in remote locations too.

– vineyard voice

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