Persecution in Pak, Egypt & Nigeria

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Christian Man Tortured And Killed By Police In Pakistan

Pakistani ChristiansPakistan, February 14, 2014: A 24-year old Pakistani Christian man, Sabir Masih, was in the custody of police when he was reported to have ‘hanged himself.’ Masih’s parents demanded an autopsy that confirmed their son died from “severe internal injuries” caused by “torture and abuse” he received under police interrogation after he was arrested on unfounded charges of theft.

•Pray for the healing and comfort of the family of Sabir Masih
•Pray justice will brought upon those who brought injustice to Sabir Masih, and others
•Pray Pakistan will rise above this intolerance and bring equality to the people

Generations Of Blasphemers: A Christian Family’s Struggle To Endure Persecution In Pakistan

Pakistani ChristiansPakistan, February 13, 2014: A Pakistani family, from father to two sons, have been followed by blasphemy accusations over a course of 13-years. In 2000, the father refused to convert resulting in the forced conversion of his family. Regardless of going into hiding, extremists found the eldest son, kidnapped and tortured him into converting, and now the family awaits the trial of the youngest son, who was accused of sending blasphemous texts.

•Pray for this family that they will be renewed in strength and healing
•Pray the youngest son will not suffer or be harmed while incarcerated
•Pray for all Christians in Pakistan that their government will rise above intolerance

200 Killed In Week Of Boko Haram Violence In Nigeria

Nigerian ChristiansNigeria, February 19, 2014: Ranging from mass execution by gunfire, slitting throats, bombings, fires and kidnappings; these increasing violent attacks in Nigeria, by suspected Boko Haram members, have resulted in 200 Christian ‘reported’ deaths in one week. William Stark, regional manager for Africa at ICC remarked, “If action is not taken, the slaughter of Christians in northern Nigeria could reach genocidal levels in the near future.”

•Pray for the speedy recovery, comfort, peace and protection of those harmed and in danger of persecution
•Pray the governments will work together to stop the intolerance and bring justice to the persecutors
•Pray for all Christians in Nigeria

Kidnappers Target Christian Children In Egypt

The draft charter will give Egyptian Christians hope for their future in the country

Egypt, February 18, 2014: In two years,150 Christians have been kidnapped in the Minya province. According to Todd Daniels, regional spokesman for ICC, 69 kidnappings were reported in Minya province last year, with 61 of those cases extorting ransom from $7,000-$500,000. Based on reports by ICC, kidnapping numbers have not changed, but younger victims are being targeted to possibly increase the likelihood of families paying.

•Pray those kidnapped are not harmed and returned to their families without consequence to their loved ones
•Pray authorities will provide more service and protection to the Christian people
•Pray for all Christians in Egypt

– icc

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