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UP: Sunday Worship Attacked, Christians Beaten up

UPOn 6 July in Saraia ( Madiyahun, Jaunpur ), Hindu extremists attacked a church Sunday worship meeting after they submitted a police complaint against the Christians and threatened that they would stage a protest in front of a church if there is another Sunday worship meeting in the area. Subsequently, the police advised Pastor Ashok Rajbhar to stop conducting worship services and to also ask permission from the District Magistrate to conduct prayer meetings.

However, at about 10:30 am on Sunday, a large mob of the Shiv Sena led by Acche Lal Tiwari reached the church followed closely by five police men who advised the extremists to simply stage a protest outside the church. Not heeding the police advice, the angry Shiv Sena mob stormed into the Prabhu Yeshu Masih Darbar and began to beat up the believers indiscriminately. One unidentified Christian sustained a severe injury in his leg and some believers were badly beaten up.

The police arrested 15 Christians and 12 from the Shiv Sena in connection to the incident who were later released on bail. Around the same time last year, the same group attacked the prayer meeting conducted by Pastor Rajbhar which was followed by several protests against the church meetings and the Christian activities in the area.

MP: Pastor Detained. Believers Beaten

MPOn June 30, Hindu extremists disrupted a prayer meeting of an independent church and beat up the pastor. The extremists forcefully entered into the prayer meeting conducted by Pastor Chimnan Lal in a house church, verbally abused him for his faith in Christ, beat him up and accused him of forceful conversion. At about 1 pm, the police reached the spot and took Pastor Lal to the police station for questioning. “The police asked him about his activities and what songs he was singing”. However, after the intervention of the area church leaders, Pastor Lal was released at about 9 p.m without any charges filed against him.

Pastor, Believers Beaten up in Madhya Pradesh

On 14 June in Gayatri Nagar, Katni, Hindu extremists manhandled Christians and tore up Bibles. About 15 extremists from the Bajrang Dal attacked Pastor Robin Masih and few believers from Brethren church when they were coming out from one believer’s house after a prayer. The extremists surrounded them, started to verbally abuse them for their faith in Christ and pushed them around. Thereafter, the extremists snatched their bags, took out the Bibles and tore it up threatening them “not to pray again in the area in the future.”

Chhattisgarh: Church Demolished

ChhattisgarhOn 24 June in Bhilai, Durg, suspected Hindu extremists demolished an independent church of Pastor Santosh Roa – the thatched building of the church was completely destroyed. Some villagers claimed that the building was destroyed by a cyclone. The area Christians, however, maintained that it was the hands of the extremists as only the church was damaged in the area by the so called ‘cyclone’. Moreover, the local Hindu extremists had threatened to harm Pastor Roa, if he continued to conduct a worship meeting, several times in the past. About 20 families regularly go to the church for prayers. Kindly pray for peace and that the Christians will be able to build a new church.


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