Pilgrim’s Progress in Solidarity, Sociability, & Sensitivity

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Dalit Woman25 November 2011: We, the participants of National Seminar on “Building Theologies of Solidarity: Interfacing Feminist theology with Dalit theology and Tribal/Adivasi theology”, organised by Board of Theological Education Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC), National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) and Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI) came together for the very first time in an interface to commemorate the 30th Year anniversary of the famous first articulation of ‘Sudhra Theology’ by Rev. Dr. AP. Nirmal at the Carey Society public lecture in 1981 and acknowledge how those seeds have taken fruition over years in to Dalit Theology and paved way for all the Indian Contextual theologies. Our coming together becomes immanent for the context today demands our mutual solidarity in overcoming jointly the powers of casteism, patriarchy, capitalism, fundamentalism etc., for these forces have become subtle & deeper in their oppressive natures.

We envisage solidarity among our theologies, for despite our unique particularities, our common pilgrimage for liberation and transformation binds us all to accompany each other in strengthening our resolve. We together boldly want to proclaim that no force of any vigour can deviate and deter our struggle, for justice and peace are our guiding principles in affirming life in all its fullness to all people. Our theologies inter-weave to form a mosaic of diversities knitted well blending co-operation, comradeship, and courage. We celebrate together our communitarian spirit, our spiritualities and our ways of life.

We affirm the significance of the need for the solidarity among Women, Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis, for in solidarity we learn from each other, we listen to each other and we agitate together against the forces that downplay us. We have committed to be sensitive to each other’s needs and issues and pledge to widen our networks among us in making an impact on the life of our communities. We believe that we are created in God’s own image and likeness and so, we condemn the discrimination on the basis of gender, culture, tribe or caste. We recognise that both the differences and commonalities in the experiences of Women, Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis provide a common ground towards liberative solidarity.

We acknowledge that the life-experiences of the people are the basis for the theology towards solidarity among Women, Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis. Our belief in Trinitarian God has been meaningfully experienced in the context of a theology towards solidarity among Feminist theology, Dalit theology and Tribal/Adivasi theology. We ascertain that the theology towards solidarity is in asserting the identities of Women, Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis with a communitarian spirit. We affirm that reclaiming of land and other related resources, for Women, Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis, seeking transformation as a mode of doing theology towards liberative solidarity. We assert that the problematizing of the context needs to be critically revisited. Our search to explore into the critical engagement between the social sciences and theological enterprises for the purpose of sharpening the contextual theologies continues.

We join together in unison to form a solidarity forum of our theologies to document our joint struggles, to strengthen our commitments, to celebrate our communities, to deepen our solidarity and friendships, and to work out collective strategies in overcoming situations of discriminations in our times today.

We walk together crossing our paths in a pilgrimage of hope,
To celebrate, to listen, to learn, to share and to commit our resolve,
We sing together in notes and tunes unique to us for revolution,
To express our protest and to challenge the powers,
We dance together to the rhythms of our beats of life,
To live-outspirituality of dissent and to revive our spirits,
We together narrate our stories of resilience,
We together re-member the heritages of our ancestors,
We together stand in unity till justice is achieved,
We are together and we will be together to witness hope.

– ncci

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